Russian officials said the country plans to develop their own bitcoins and etheric Fang

Russian officials said the country plans to develop their own bitcoins and etheric Fang

A senior politician in Russia said that Russia should create their own bitcoin and etheric Fang, because they are the “foreign encryption technology development”.

Russian Communications Minister NikolayNikiforov told reporters on Monday, just last week and the foundation for the development of the etheric Fang partner of Russia “have the ability to develop their own version of the etheric Fang”.

The Russian satellite network quoted him as saying in the report: “bitcoin and Ethernet are foreign currency digital encryption workshop based on technology development, while Russia has its own encryption schools.”

“I think we have the ability to create a chain block encryption based tools, and formulate specific provisions to determine its operating framework.”

The Nikiforov statement makes the Russian government digital currency in the position more whirling, had previously expressed support, has threatened to ban.

Russian Deputy finance minister AlexeyMoiseev announced last week in a television interview, in Russia, only the “special” investors can obtain digital currency through the Moscow stock exchange, “ordinary people”. He also said that it is difficult to confirm the digital currency is not the “Pyramid scam”.

Also, a working group also recommended a ban on individual bitcoin dig expansion at home, because it has the Safety spokesman mentioned.

At the same time, the Russian government is backing a competition with Chinese mining company, the company plans to raise $100 million.

Nikiforov added that the digital currency regulation proposed has matured, will be submitted to the government”.

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