Russian political party leaders proposed the legalization of bitcoin, said more than 2 million citizens have bitcoin Wallet

Russian political party leaders proposed the legalization of bitcoin, said more than 2 million citizens have bitcoin Wallet

According to Russian media reports, a small party in Russia is to accept bitcoin donations.

Boris Titov (TitovBoris), Russian President plenipotentiary and the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, Justice Party leader, the Party tried to steer growth (PartyofGrowth) create a clear and transparent legal system and regulatory scheme for encryption currency, including bitcoin.

The growth of Russia party (PartyofGrowth), which represents the liberal market economy and democracy, the party that bitcoin block chain technology has made rapid development in the world, including russia. Therefore, the party proposed to legalize bitcoin mining, and officially recognized bitcoin property rights.

The Russian news agency in an interview with TASS, Boris said the crypto currency (such as bitcoin) importance in Russia economy, and emphasized their impact on the financial industry.

“We (growth party) estimated that more than 2 million Russian citizens have opened their wallets,” Boris said. He also emphasized the bitcoin blockchain technology, and its advantages will actively promote the economic situation in russia.

With the help of Boris Titov, the growth of the party will modify the foreign investment law, in order to attract foreign investors bitcoin venture investment in Russia and mining company. Boris hinted that the party might persuade the government to cancel the bitcoin investment restrictions, digital currency to stimulate growth in the country.

It is reported that the party also plans to use bitcoin blockchain for government service. Specifically, Boris said that the Russian court can use the timestamp of bitcoin transactions, to protect and record their data, placing them into an irrefutable distributed among the books.

In the past few years, although Russian President Putin has repeatedly appeared to discuss bitcoin legitimacy in Russia, but so far, Russia is still not established regulatory programs in any form, or to clarify the legal status of digital currency and financial transactions to solve the right to use them.

The growth of the party and Boris Titov’s attitude, or will lead to the Russian government officially recognized bitcoin as a kind of property, and allow Russian citizens to exchange digital currency.

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