Russia’s largest bank CEO is bitcoin enthusiasts

Russia’s largest bank CEO is bitcoin enthusiasts


Although the Russian government and officials have been bitcoin digital currency and sniff at, even to legislate against bitcoin users and miners. Russia’s largest bank executives have said they have bitcoin, and exchange transactions and legal tender.

The Russian news agency (TASS) reported that Russia’s largest bank assets ranked Sberbank CEO and chairman of HermanGref to talk openly about the virtual currency advantage, pointed out that it will soon penetrate every area of society.


Revealed his involvement in the digital currency and currency exchange transaction in Gref bank and Google jointly organized education project.

“Now the virtual currency and exchange more and more, I have experienced it and currency exchange transactions convenient and pleasant”.

“I have some coins, then the value is not too satisfactory, so decided to wait until value rose to a certain amount, will exchange the ruble and the dollar. After two months, I noticed that bitcoin prices trend, so the conversion”.

Gref said this is a game that can get bitcoin global income, professional and non professional investors bitcoin value way.

“It is certainly a very interesting game, but will soon become a part of our life”.

Gref always does not evade its position on the digital currency, has criticized the Russian bitcoin ban proposal. He believes that the ban will hinder the development of Russian block chain technology.

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