Russia’s largest payment processing company Pay-Me using the block chain technology

Russia’s largest payment processing company Pay-Me using the block chain technology

BlockNotary is a new application that uses the Tierion cloud platform, currently Russia’s largest mobile payment processing business of the. Pay-Me is a company with the Russian mobile payment processing business more than 30 thousand sets of equipment, the technical support from bitcoin blockchain.

In the past, because the Russian criminals steal credit card and use mobile terminal sales to money laundering, and new customers through the customer service representative will be registered in the interview.

“In the registration process for video in order to avoid fraud. As CEO, I hope to be able to use Pay-Me to increase the criminals for illegal activities, VladimirKanin Pay-Me chief executive of difficulty.”

BlockNotary put an end to this practice, it is through the mobile application to video interview, namely Tierion (through BlockNotary application) to collect data to create a verifiable record and stored in the block chain. This greatly speeds up the whole process, the whole verification steps can also become more smooth, more timely to the customer terminal equipment sales installation. The whole process of the video (from the beginning to the end of about 1 minutes) can be viewed on the Tierions blog, this link.

Customers can use Blocknotary video interview application to verify their identity, and shooting video interview in its place. In addition, statement of intent Blocknotary can also collect customer survey and background information required. For new customers, the information in the process will become more smooth, and Pay-Me can also be completed before the background investigation to the customer terminal equipment sales installation. Not only that, record the whole process of Pay-Me received is not tampered with, and can be used to verify the blockchain. This record can reduce the liability of Pay-Me, also can help the police to investigate fraud.

Tierion is a “blockchain technical support cloud platform, users can easily collect and store data. Once the data can be stored in the block chain to ensure its reliability, the user will receive a receipt to verify the data block chain, it does not depend on a trusted third party case.

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