Russia’s supervision of bitcoin bitcoin repeatedly to change the future will be how?

Russia’s supervision of bitcoin bitcoin repeatedly to change the future will be how?

In January 26th, Moscow innovation and technology center DigitalOctober held a special meeting for the Russian currency supervision encryption.

The activities to meet the founder of more than 250 participants — financial start-ups, to block chain technology into its business enterprises interested in, the blockchain community members and national authorities, they are paying close attention to the development trend of this strange phenomenon.

Puzzling statement

In the past few years, around Russia encryption currency regulatory issues has been discussed many times. State authorities have not completely banned encryption currency, and not to impose punishment on all involved encryption currency transactions, to create an encrypted offshore currency area.

In November 2016, the federal tax bureau issued the first document, the encryption currency supervision problem.

In December 2016, the Russian bank vice president OlgaSkorobogatova announced that the bank is planning to put forward some suggestions to the development of national legislation, and promote the integration process of new technologies including financial technology and block chain, the.

A few days later, deputy finance minister AlexiseMoiseev said, the Ministry of Finance issued a bill banning expectations, national ruble and crypto currency trading business, and this transaction shall not be earlier than the fall of 2017.

However, in January this year, we saw an announcement of the Central Bank of Russia and the Russian financial supervision department, that money is not encrypted represents a threat, therefore, ban not clear on the matter is not fair.

In view of all these confusing statements, crypto currency in the legal status of Russia is still not clear. Therefore, the main purpose of the meeting is to clarify the status of digital currency supervision, and create a platform for discussion, because there are many questions to answer.

From the strict prohibition to gradually permit

The CIS DDT’s legal adviser KseniaOsipova at the meeting briefly introduces the attitude of the State Administration of encryption currency in the past few years is how to change. Therefore, in the past three years, the general attitude of regulators from strictly prohibited to gradually allow the discussion from the federal tax bureau recently open letter encryption monetary status can be seen. The letter explains that all things are allowed to be banned. Osipova explained:

“The fact is, the whole idea is conveyed in the open letter, not presented in the official decision, this is actually the room that. According to the federal tax bureau of letters, we can conclude that the first encryption currency trading is not prohibited, secondly, encryption currency will not be defined as quasi currency, which is discussed in the last year.”

In addition, the letter referred to the similarity between the encrypted currency and the traditional currency, and with the money valuables are compared. The latter can be used to represent the trading unit. Osipova said, we can look forward to the implementation of the official regulatory policy in the near future, which will solve the problems associated with the use of encryption currency and money laundering illegal purpose.

Who wants to stop bitcoin business?

Waves founder and CEOAlexanderIvanov discussed the experience of other countries in the regulation of encryption in the currency. He believes that further speculation, and may even stop bitcoin business, as long as there are enough resources and strong political will.

However, so far, no one can see the reason for doing so. Ivanov said bitcoin only in Iceland, Ecuador and Bolivia are the official restrictions, while other countries are trying to determine the encryption currency status, and try to find the treatment method.

Ivanov also announced the establishment of the first Russian alliance block chain business. Waves and Solvena are members of the alliance financial group. The founder of ViktorNasochevsky Rapida’s payment system has been announced as chairman of the alliance.

Sberbank technology innovation center director DimitryBulichkov offers some tips on the pilot project of the bank, the project attempts to deploy block chain technology and technology potential. He said, at present, the development and testing around the block chain technology projects will focus on the Bank of communication between the prototype, and automated document processing.

Bulichkov also said that Sberbank plans to develop its internal tokens for digital interbank payment system.

Qiwi chief technology officer AlexeyArkhipov said the company is still in the research and development of Bitrouble, the project is currently in the re allocation stage, most likely to be released later this year.

AlexanderIvanov is one of the organizers of the meeting said:

“In the past few years, encryption currency supervision has been in a state of out of order. It is as expected, any discussion of the block chain and bitcoin will lead to some people say that bitcoin is prohibited. In order to clarify this point, and that the attitude of regulators is changed, we decided to organize the meeting. We discussed very positive and productive, which again proves that Russia block chain industry needs such events.”

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