Scotland hundred bar accepting digital currency Scotcoin

Scotland hundred bar accepting digital currency Scotcoin

Arlington — a company located in Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow have a hundred years of history, the bar began to accept digital currency Scotcoin. At present, Scotcoin can only buy the specific beer bar.

This bar is the first company in Scotland to accept the digital virtual currency bar. In an interview with the Scotland Herald, the bar owner low-key said, we just want to promote the development of the Scotcoin, but we will not use Scotcoin to pay staff salary. The bar will adapt to a changing world, so we decided to accept digital currency.

阿灵顿酒吧已经有100多年的历史了,这家酒吧开业于1860年,以命运之石阿灵顿命名。 Legend, Arlington is a red sandstone, usually used in Scotland the king’s coronation ceremony, a symbol of fate. Later the stone was king Edward I of England abducted during the war, and later in 1296 was laid in westminster.

Later legend, after the stone of destiny was abducted in England for a century, there are 4 students in Scotland to slip it back to Scotland. There are rumors that in London is a fake stone of destiny, and the true stone of destiny is hiding in the Arlington bar.

Scotcoin was initiated by Scotland venture capitalist DerekNisbet, this digital currency will play an important role in the independence movement in Scotland in 2014, although the independence referendum failed, but Scotcoin did not collapse.

At the same time, another digital currency Scotpound in recent years has been widespread concern, the digital currency from Scotland’s ruling party members GeorgeKerevan launched, he called on the party and the people of Scotland using Scotpound.

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