Security products Acronis software vendors open Ethernet square block chain store

Security products Acronis software vendors open Ethernet square block chain store


Acronis is a name synonymous with backup and recovery software technology company, announced a new store called AcronisStorage solution, in which the data will be protected and authenticated by the public square ether chain.

Acronis is a software company founded in Russia, now headquartered in Singapore, said publicly in early 2016 will be used to block chain technology in its products. The aim is to realize the data can not be distorted.

In May 2016, Acronis CEO of JohnZanni revealed that the block chain security data storage solutions of the target audience is the enterprise and individual. Anything in its based on block chain products have been time stamped file examples will be again stamped, and with the change log. Zanni added that this will be distributed in a distributed authentication method.


Acronis co-founder and CEO SergueiBeloussov emphasizes that the Company enthusiasm for the blockchain, he said before:

“When can make full use of the potential of the technology chain block, block chain control will bring the highest level of data authenticity, privacy and data protection in history.”

Block chain based authentication data

Now, Acronis has released a statement, is developing the world’s first software defined storage products based on block chain data authentication”. The authenticity of the data strongly praised Acronis is realized by the software product, the software product in the distributed books can’t tamper with the log records, and the watermark is not tampered with.

Acronis there is a product called AcronisNotary, before the blockchain in storage to the etheric square block chain, will generate a time stamp data hash.

Basically, when participants to upload files to the repository file, the “fingerprint” will be recorded in writing workshops Ethernet block chain file hash, and the file will be verified by consensus rules.

When the file upload will be “clean”, and the fingerprint of the document and permanent records can be stored in a block in a few seconds on the chain.

Because each participant in the chain block copies of the same record can be obtained, so the data from all copies of books to verify, and these data are readily available. You can try it here Acronis block chain sample.


Founder Ethereum VitalikButerin said in a statement added:

“Acronis is the first block of data protection company chain as a data platform of notarization.”

Based on the software manufacturer that block chain products, can be applied to the data protection industry. For example, the property records, documents related to intellectual property rights, the chain of evidence the court documents, even the police and security video camera.

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