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Realistic forecast market, is to use market mechanisms to allow users to express their judgments on future events and set the wisdom and views of all people to predict the future events effectively. SEER is a decentralized, blockchain-based reality forecasting marketplace based on this mechanism. Based on Graphene framework development, SEER can provide 3000 transactions per second processing speed, to provide users with real-time blockchain experience. By introducing multi-host de-centralized oracle machinen
(Oracle) capabilities, SEER provides users with a neutral and trusted de-centralized reality forecast market service. At the same time SEER integrated council and arbitration mechanism, making SEER both efficient, neutral, credible, autonomous and so on.n
The SEER test chain has been developed and is now being fully developed. The first full version is being developed. The team is expected to release the first minimum available version in the first quarter of 2018. The original Power Fans team will also be based on investor’s Continue to participate as a SEER project and develop DApp based on SEER.n
n”There will be a World Cup in 2018 and other sports events, and we expect the market to have explosive demand for realistic forecasting applications by 2018.” SEER project team leader said: “With the original Power Fans team’s investment and support, we expect SEER project will be able to quickly land. “n
nIn addition to the underlying real-world predictive market capabilities, SEER will also provide encrypted proprietary forecast market functions along the blockchain and CNN capabilities to avoid hard-forking. More technical details and information can visit the official website and see the project white paper.n
SEER project application scenariosn
Sports quizn
While sports betting is a huge market, SEER offers a decentralized and reliable sports betting solution. In addition to the general single-homepredicator capabilities, users also have the option of using a more advanced de-centralization based multi-homed model design As a result, the multi-host model predicting machine can avoid the possible counterfeiting of the traditional centralized service, the single point service failure can not provide the result data in time,n
And a board was set up to finalize the data’s correctness.n
Asset price forecastn
Assets prices such as real estate prices and commodity prices are closely linked with people’s lives. By setting up a forecasting market in SEER and involving the entire network in forecasting, ordinary users can obtain the most intuitive price forecast information on a certain type of asset. For example, a forecast can be set marketn
Predict “2018 Shenzhen how much the average price?”, Through such a forecast market results can be made for those who intend to purchase real estate in Shenzhen reasonable arrangements for their purchase plan.n
Financial market forecastn
At present, there are many deficiencies in forecasting tools that serve the financial markets, such as low accuracy, inefficiency and high costs. SEER mentionn
For a more simple, reliable and efficient market forecasting tools. Do not need cumbersome settings, the user can SEER to establish the corresponding real market forecast, so that the entire network to participate in the forecast, such as the opening of “2018n
Year US GDP growth rate is high? “And other types of market forecasting.SEER allows fund managers, professional investors and other people through low-cost access to people on the event of the future of the pre-n
Period, the result obtained is more accurate.n
Event predictionn
In addition to these categories of predictions, SEER can also create a variety of different types of projections such as projections of political events such as: “Can Trump be reelected in the 2020 US presidential election?”, Entertainment industry projections such as: “Can a movie have more than 1 billion yuan in total box office receipts?” Social topics like: “On which day will the next generation of Apple mobile phones be released?”n
Official Website: http: //SEER.bestn
White Paper: White Paper .pdfn

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