Senior German economists: the reason of regulatory bitcoin sufficient

Senior German economists: the reason of regulatory bitcoin sufficient

When reached an all-time high of $18000 and encryption currency market value of nearly $300 billion mark in bitcoin, and seems to be a very popular way to deal with the existence of the government. German economist ClemensFuest CNBC recently revealed that management such as bitcoin encryption currency “strong case”.

The chairman of Economic Research Institute of Ifo Fuest believes that the market should not be allowed to fly alone, because according to him, due to the financial stability and monetary policy, regulatory agencies need to study bitcoin, as its purpose.

The German economist on the phone that, by encrypting the currency, payment can be little or no supervision “, which means that the encryption money can be used to provide funds for tax avoidance or illegal activities.

Considering this point, Fuest concluded:

In addition to monetary policy, I think there are more reasons more closely to management. “

At the same time economists words to exchange operators, the German Stock Exchange reported, considering whether to let the first European countries Germany listed bitcoin regulated futures trading platform, and the regulatory agencies around the world warned investors about the potential risk of contract investment currency and raise the encryption.

As covered by CCN, the European Central Bank Director EwaldNowotny said recently, central bankers and lawmakers are concerned about encryption currency provisions. Nowotny’s comments are formed to reach the highest point in the history of $8100 bitcoin transactions, and added that investors must be understood as the product “is like buying the stock (stock market) on the stock investment in this product…… people may suffer losses, if this happens, they can only accept it. “

Fuest is not the only bitcoin views of economists. Last month, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz (JosephStiglitz) announced that bitcoin “should be banned, because according to economists say it” society without any useful function”. Earlier this month, Nobel laureate Robert Hiller predicted the collapse of bitcoin, “it is not zero, only comes down”.

However, not everyone was pessimistic about encryption currency. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (BenjaminNetanyahu) is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former economic adviser, he recently questioned whether bitcoin can destroy the bank. Network security pioneer John MaiKeFei (JohnMcAfee) put forward their bitcoin price target, which reached $1 million in 2020.

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