Seven billion dollars in gold market is another key market in direct competition with bitcoin!

Seven billion dollars in gold market is another key market in direct competition with bitcoin!

In 2016, as a digital gold, bitcoin services to global investors and traders. In certain regions, when people in the face of economic turmoil and financial fluctuations, it can protect the assets and personal wealth.

The next stage of bitcoin long-term roadmap is the construction of the mainstream consciousness as currency, and “take over” the market value of trillions of dollars, while the market is currently dependent on legal currency or banking services.

In the seven major market in the future bitcoin can participate in the competition, including electronic commerce, electronic payment, remittance, cash, gold, hedge funds and overseas savings market.

The enormous potential of electronic payment and remittance market

Some of the above market has long been a bitcoin challenge, mainly because bitcoin jumped over third party service providers or institutions, direct supervision of market economic activities.

Especially the market capitalization of $2 trillion and $514 billion in electronic payment remittance market has witnessed a rapid rise of bitcoin innovative start-ups and related service providers, and these companies and service providers are gradually grabbed market share, a bright future.

Cointelegraph reported yesterday that, within the global remittance market, the highly anticipated bitcoin Abra plan next month into the international market, to create a decentralized network of the receiving party send remittance.

Essentially, Abra is like a point of the dominant remittance companies, such as Western Union, that is to say, the user can directly to the international remittance recipient, and the receiver can through personal Abra cashier who received the remittance. Western Union and Abra the main difference is that the latter charge lower fees and a more secure network environment, rarely fraud crime.

In one of the world’s largest money market in Philippines, we can also see bitcoin remittance service providers is increasingly popular, such as Bitspark, and of the three companies have established a reliable infrastructure and strong nationwide in Philippines. Like Bitspark and startups even allow users directly to the Philippines international remittance recipient, and only charge the cost of cheap.

In some trillions of dollars in the market, bitcoin has replaced the key participants and the position of industry leader. For example, in the remittance market, bitcoin’s market value has exceeded westernunion (mainstream foundation platform services in the global remittance market).

Sing songs, but the classic

7 billion dollars in gold market is another key market in direct competition with bitcoin.

Like India, China in these areas, the government of the import and export of gold has a ban and strictly limited, and the local authorities have arrested residents strictly precious metals, so the demand for bitcoin in these areas is increasing rapidly.

Traders and investors two of the gold market is looking for alternative hedge assets such as bitcoin to protect their wealth.

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