Seven Holland bitcoin company established anti fraud Alliance

Seven Holland bitcoin company established anti fraud Alliance

Seven Holland bitcoin company has established a “anti fraud” association, the association also represents the shared interests of the seven companies. The association called “Verenigde Bitcoinbedrijven Nederland” (VBNL) was established in December 2014 this year, the association plans to increase representation.

Although early in 2013, between the Holland bitcoin companies already have informal cooperation, but until 2014 the formal cooperation and the establishment of VBNL. The main reason is that Holland bitcoin brokerage company was fraud, crooks often under the banner of Holland iDEAL’s payment system cover to lure victims to buy their bitcoin.

At present, VBNL has seven members, namely Anycoin Direct, Bitmymoney, Bitonic, BTC, Direct, Coinvert, Happycoins and Litebit. But bitcoin transaction mechanism of CleverCoin is not one of them, in addition, there are several other Holland bitcoin companies are not on the list.

Hofman and VlemmingsJouke Hofman (one of the Bitonic CEO, and VBNL promoters) told CoinTelegraph:

“This association can allow the members to learn from each other, so as to further enhance the ability of the bitcoin industry in Holland.”

Another sponsor of Lennert Vlemmings (Anycoin Direct CEO) added:

“From a business perspective, between us is actually the competition between. But we are also facing similar problems, these problems will drag down even bitcoin industry in Holland. This is very bad for us, so we cooperate is necessary.”

Hofman explained:

“Our main purpose is to anti fraud, as bitcoin brokerage company, we are using the tools to pay similar, so we often encounter the same scam. I believe there are more bitcoin companies to join the association of Holland in the future, especially on behalf of our association is expanding now.”

“I believe the Holland bitcoin foundation and VBNL can coexist, because of their different goals, the goal of the foundation is an organization on behalf of bitcoin and bitcoin users, and VBNL is the representative of bitcoin company organization.”

VBNL worthy of praise is where he is a new organization, Hofman and Vlemmings have emphasized the VBNL and Holland bitcoin foundation are not the same thing.

Hofman said he had from the Holland bitcoin foundation backed out, and with the bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam is not very well.


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