Several aspects and Wright currency bitcoin which is better

Several aspects and Wright currency bitcoin which is better

Bitcoin is also facing increasingly fierce competition in the encryption currency industry, which is one of Wright currency. In 2008 for the first time by Japanese bitcoin Nakamoto written after the release of fame until today, and Wright currency launched in 2011.

As the creator, Wright currency bitcoin is almost only encryption currency, like silver and gold is lower than the level of precious metals. As of press time, Wright coins had about $75 million in market capitalization, bitcoin currently holds four billion market size.

What is the difference between and Wright currency bitcoin?

Because there are encryption currency, there are many similarities and Wright currency bitcoin. The lack of a business transaction is responsible for the supervision and regulatory agencies, maintained the characteristics to the center of the. In addition, in order to pay lower transaction costs of these digital currency is usually favored by the network business.

One of the factors of Wright currency value than bitcoin is low the total bitcoin is only 21 million, and Wright currency mining algorithm based on it can reach 84 million. Because of the digital currency by a government or central bank control, supply and demand is the only factor to determine the value of the.

Therefore, some analysts believe, Wright currency bitcoin and also compared advantage, because consumers tend to love the whole transaction. And Wright currency bitcoin transactions and compared also enjoy faster, because the former requires only 2.5 minutes and 9 minutes later.

As the end, we summarize the main difference of each currency is the encryption algorithm. Bitcoin SHA256 algorithm used for a long time, and the use of Wright currency is called a new algorithm Scrypt. The calculation of the capability and safety of mining to copycat currency needed to produce significant influence, making bitcoin in this area become a superior choice.

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