Several institutions supported bitcoin’s breakthrough of $50000, nearly tripled in half a year

Under the background of investors’ continuous buying and the support of many institutions, Chen Yanqing, a reporter from read creation / Shenzhen business daily, broke through $50000 for the first time on the 16th, setting a new record. This year’s increase has exceeded 60%, and it has nearly tripled in recent half a year. For bitcoin’s surge, the industry generally believes that it is related to global monetary easing and the entry of many institutions. The reporter noted that since February, Tesla, MasterCard and Bank of New York Mellon have successively entered bitcoin, thus pushing up the price of bitcoin. According to a recent filing with the securities and Exchange Commission, Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Tesla said it is likely to acquire and hold digital assets for a long time and expects to accept bitcoin as a payment method in the near future. Tesla CEO musk has repeatedly supported bitcoin on twitter, and every public support will lead to the rise of bitcoin. Recently, MasterCard, a global payment company, announced on its official website that it was preparing for cryptocurrency as a payment method, saying that the move was to meet the payment needs of customers and businesses, but it did not constitute a proposal for currency use. Bank of New York Mellon has also announced that it will act as an agent for clients in the custody and transfer of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The bank has discussed with its customers how to “record” digital currency. Cointerpoint global, a Morgan Stanley Investment Firm with $150bn under management, is studying whether bitcoin can be a suitable choice for investors. The micro strategy investment of us listed companies plans to increase the investment in TCD. Wechat said it plans to sell $600 million of convertible bonds to buy more bitcoin. As of February 2, the enterprise software provider had nearly 72000 bitcoins. It is worth mentioning that Softbank Group Chairman Sun Zhengyi said recently that bitcoin will replace gold and its unit price will rise to $100000 in 2025. Fitzpatrick, an analyst at Citibank, even thinks that the unit price of bitcoin is expected to rise to $318000 in 2021. However, there are also some people who are extremely pessimistic about bitcoin. Bill Gates, the former chairman of Microsoft, and Warren Buffet, the God of stocks, both think bitcoin is worthless. In this regard, Xu Yang, chairman of McLaren information, analyzed that “the sharp rise of bitcoin is related to global monetary easing. In the epidemic situation, many governments have to adopt loose monetary policies, and bitcoin has certain anti inflation ability. In addition, Tesla, MasterCard and Bank of New York Mellon announced that they would provide digital currency services, boosting the buying of bitcoin. After a series of big rises, bitcoin market may remain volatile. On the one hand, the demand of some institutions is increasing. On the other hand, there is a big bubble in bitcoin, so investors should not blindly pursue the rise. ” Guosheng Securities believes that Tesla and Musk’s personal preference for bitcoin is expected to form a demonstration effect, which is expected to drive more American industry giants to use bitcoin as an important asset allocation in the future. The industry status and influence of Tesla and musk have brought about huge changes in market expectations. The practice of allocating bitcoin assets and promoting bitcoin as a payment method is bound to bring certain strategic pressure and potential impact to other industry giants in the US stock market. Review: Yu Fanghua

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