“Shadow economy” 1000 bitcoin packaged NSA network arsenals

“Shadow economy” 1000 bitcoin packaged NSA network arsenals

E security news December 16th “shadow economy people (Shadow Brokers)” the organization has started to change the direct sales model, will steal network attack tools from the United States Agency sold on underground site.

10 at the end of this year, the “shadow economy” the well-known hacker organization disclosed a fresh out of the servers list, and said that the server has been with the U.S. National Security Council of the hacker group ( Equation Group ). The successful invasion.

The Equation Group for the invasion of these target hacking tools called INTONATION and PITCHIMPAIR. Who will the shadow economy all links sorted into two different PGP file encryption, first filed for potential buyers as verification material (the invasion of the password has been set to “auctioned”, that is, second archived in the auction) is INTONATION and PITCHMPAIR and that the price of 1 million bitcoin.

Contains about 300 MB the first data archive, including firewall intrusion, hacking tools, BANANAUSURPER, BLATSTING and BUZZDIRECTION and other anonymous script.

From Mustafa – Alba Sam (Mustafa Al-Bassam) security researchers published an interesting blog, which lists all can be used to realize the firewall intrusion (“firewall operation”) code and tools, injection holes.

Use the Equation Group to the hacker products by CISCO, Fortigate, juniper, TOPSEC and Watchguard and other manufacturers to build.

Most of these documents are at least three years, and according to the latest timestamp for October 2013.

At the beginning of October this year, the shadow economy organization complained that nobody seems willing to precious archived data collected in the bid, according to a senior member of the organization said that he did not agree with the use of bitcoin payment to sell all the NSA data dump. Just a few weeks ago, the group announced the launch of the set of hacker stockpiles campaign – this is mainly because the previous auction attempt only received less than 2 bitcoin price.

As a hacker organization, who is regarded as the shadow economy behind the U.S. NSA hacking tools and attacks, and this also caused the Internet about U.S. intelligence agencies to protect its own security capabilities are extensively discussed.

To the shadow broker sales model changes

Now, the organization once again changed the sales model, it has begun since the NSA hackers will steal weapons stockpiles sold directly in an underground site.

A document provided on the site contains an encrypted signature file by the shadow economy, which confirmed the plan will set the NSA database directly sold to the buyer’s intention.

A network called Boceffus Cleetus users on the Medium website published the article entitled “shadow economy person is ZeroNet to sell the NSA tool? “The article, which points out that the shadow economy organizations hackers are currently” Guoanju tools for each sale”.

ZeroNet is a dedicated point-to-point user web hosting distributed network.

According to Wikipedia’s explanation, “ZeroNet use bitcoin encryption and BitTorrent network. BitTorrent website Play on ZeroNet hosted its magnetic link library, these links to copyright protection content. A Reddit in the community and provides support for the ZeroNet.”

Cleetus wrote, “dear friends! I don’t want to because publishing false news was arrested. I admit that I am not what security experts, but I was a ZeroNet fan.” ZeroNet is a set of special use block chain and BitTorrent technology for web hosting platform.

Cleetus further added, “the shadow economy people set up their own sub station in ZeroNet, but as far as I know they are obviously in one by one to sell the NSA tools.”

This website contains a list of products in the sale, and the content and the description of Cox and Joseph after the match.

These entries are sorted, the specific list includes the “holes”, “Trojan horse” and “implant” categories.

According to the previously announced, “the site contains a long list of items for sale, one can see ENVOYTOMATO, EGGBASKET and YELLOWSPRIT etc.. Each one is classified as a category, such as “implantation” and “Trojan horse” and “loopholes”, and is arranged between the 1 to 100 bitcoin price ($780 to $78000). Customers can bid 1000 bitcoin ($780 thousand) a one-time purchase of all items.”

“The site also allows visitors to download and the related documents and items. In addition it also contains a PGP key signature file, the fingerprint and the shadow economy original dump data released in August this year the same. The newly released documents in September 1st for signature; this date and the shadow economy had signed the time difference.”

“If you like, you can through the mail and the people to contact the shadow economy and that you intend to buy tools,” wrote the message on the site in. “Shadow economy will in an email reply to your bitcoin payment link. You pay, then will the shadow economy through the mail sent you a link + decryption password. As usual, all documents have been signed.”

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