Shredded gold, rolling stock, bitcoin shine!

Shredded gold, rolling stock, bitcoin shine!

The bull market, CNR news

In December 14th China sound “center wide news” reported: bitcoin suddenly rushed 5550 yuan coins, hit a new high this year, set a record high in 3 years, bitcoin once again into the bull market”!

Review this year, bitcoin prices have been soaring repeatedly. At the beginning of the year to now, Bitcoin prices rose more than 136% More than doubled. With the increase of RMB price would be more intuitive, in January 1st this year, bitcoin opening price of 2759 yuan, Today, the highest price of bitcoin once reached 5527 yuan!

   If the selection of the best investment products in 2016

   Is bitcoin won the title?

   Once hot gold, is now a nightmare.

Since Trump won the presidential election, Gold has fallen to $180 . He came to power after the Fed increases speed, also led to the devaluation of the renminbi, which may lead to Chinese to restrict the import of gold. But the medium term, gold will continue to decline.

The main reason is that investors have divestment affected the price of gold, gold before the hot, China aunt lastingachievements, But in a strong dollar and the devaluation to promote, bitcoin has become the new darling aunt recently.

   After the stock market hit, unable to get up after a fall

Since last year, since the crash, the stock market continues today are still unable to get up after a fall, the market at around 3000 points linger. The continued depreciation of the RMB, the stock market suffered heavy losses in this month. Although the government use strict capital controls to prevent the outflow of currency, But the decline in the stock market is unable to prevent. In fact, all this can not stop the flow of funds. As of December 15th closing, the two cities a total of 113 stocks fell more than three consecutive trading days, 42 stocks fell more than five trading days.

Comparison of bitcoin market, the stock market crash so far this year, the price of bitcoin is just a year off, Even the CCTV sigh, crazy bitcoin is back.

   If you invest in the stock market ups and downs bitcoin period

   Now how to return? We take a look at


   A good beginning

If you are in the January 2011 1 Daily 100 dollars You can buy bitcoin With each bitcoin $0.3 ultra low price, buy 333.33 coins.

You will immediately feel the bitcoin price volatility in mid 2011, bitcoin prices reached $31.91, half of your investment soared from $100 to $10636.56. At the end of the year, bitcoin prices fell to 4.72 U.S. dollars, Your $100 in this year turned into a $1573.32.


   Steady rise

By the end of 2012 bitcoin rose to $13.51, Your $100 into $4503.29.


   Strong rise

The mainstream media began to report the China bitcoin, some Baidu services have begun to accept bitcoin payments, was born in the year of bitcoin trading network, bitcoin prices in December 4, 2013 rose to $1147.25, Your $100 into $382412.84.


   Start the callback

This is a rough year, this year, Overstock, Microsoft, DELL and “times” magazine have begun to accept bitcoin payments. You can take money in the bitcoin ATM machine is all over the world.

However, the bad news is that this year your investment will shrink. In December 30, 2014, bitcoin prices fell to $309.87 this year. At the end of your $100 to $106565.60.


   Strong ending

In 2015, bitcoin prices have been a downward trend until October, currency prices started to rise to $300. In December 2015, bitcoin prices reached $413.51, Your $100 into $137835.29, the rate of return of 137735.29% And you can use the $100 investment to buy a suite.


   The bull struck

At the beginning of 2016 bitcoin price of $434.46 at the end of May, currency prices started to rise, then you have a $100 investment into $212737.87.

The second half is a series of currency price rise, rose to the highest point in nearly two years, $790! By now, you in the $100 investment in 2011 has become a $263330.7!


The chain down, in this year, at any time before you buy bitcoin, you are making now! In 2016, the best investment products, well deserved!

   The new year is coming, are you ready?

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