Siberia people use encryption currency heating machine

Siberia people use encryption currency heating machine

Russia and Irkutsk two entrepreneurs developed a hardware connection mining floor heating system


Local entrepreneurs, IlyaFrolov and DmitryTolmachyov developed a working prototype heating system using encrypted currency, the heat generated by the machine. Frolov and local media to discuss the prototype that is usually machine cooling blower, then the heat is released into the atmosphere. We consider this is not reasonable or not environmental protection, so we implemented a concept calculation operation for the indoor heating to heat”.

Frolov and Tomachyov said, plans to 2020 built about 2000 “real encryption” (cryptohouses), each room heating by mining.

Local news reports, Irkutsk more than one thousand people involved in crypto currency mining


The description of the city is reported “Russia formal mining”, but also to accept bitcoin coffee shop location. According to early October Russian start-ups Bbfpro AntonFriedel executives said, Irkutsk will soon set up bitcoin ATM; after the company has been in Russia, the population density of third city has installed ten bitcoin ATM.

Frolov concluded that the cost of electricity in Irkutsk is low, will certainly attract a large number of encryption currency miners; according to local media reports, the city price is about 1/5 of Moscow. “Profit rates sometimes exceeded the cost of electricity, so it is reasonable to use”. In recent weeks, published a story, which quoted the Russian YuryDromashko, to sell their apartment, to raise funds to create a bitcoin mine in Irkutsk. Dromashko said, “there is a prospect of the mining business, can help the Russians to earn hard currency”.

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