Sierra Leone focuses on the development of national block chain programs

nnYesterday morning, Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Samura Kamara (Samura Kamara) at the United Nations General Assembly announced the country to achieve a huge leap in digital national plans, for the first time with RippleNami reached a partnership to deploy block-chain data Visualization system solutions to make Sierra Leone the first African “smart country”. The partnership will start with the creation of a national economic identity certification service to increase the chances that the citizens of the country will be provided with services by the Government and achieve a wider range of financial delicacy as a whole, which represents the largest block to date in West Africa Chain integration project.n
nTranslation: Clovern
The success of the Republic of Sierra Leone in the establishment of a new chain-chain partnership will be the backbone of the development of its new “smart country” program.n
This morning, Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Samura Kamara announced at the UN General Assembly that:n
n”Today, we have announced a huge leap in the digital state program, and Sierra Leone has finally been able to gain economic independence and actively participate in global market competition while promoting national life.” Camara continues: “The history of Sierra Leone is proud of , We have a first partnership with RippleNami to deploy a block-chain data visualization system solution that enables Sierra Leone to generate, own, collect, analyze and process data across the country – making Sierra Leone the first ‘smart country’ in Africa ‘.n
nRippleNami specializes in handling large data sets, making these data easy to understand. By connecting users to millions of real-time data points through a map-based graphical interface, RippleNami’s cloud platform connects people with information about their neighborhoods, cities, and even underdeveloped areas. In addition to the Government of Sierra Leone, RippleNami has partnered with Data Edge Revenue, a systems integrator based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, dedicated to bringing the Spanish digitization process to West Africa.n
This partnership will begin with the creation of a national economic identity certification service. The proof of identity will provide citizens with digital certificates and establish a collection system designed to increase citizens’ access to government services and achieve a wider range of financial benefits as a whole.n
Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, president and chief executive officer of RippleNami, told ETHNews:n
n”Sierra Leone private sector entities and government agencies will be the first to master the data into the market to compete on an equal footing.Although the data is the currency of today’s global economy, modern analytical tools make resource management more efficient and efficient, thereby increasing its value by ten times. “RippleNami visualization technology makes it easier for consumers to access valuable scarce resources and services while helping businesses and government agencies make better allocation decisions and increase transparency in less time.”n
nWith RippleNami’s proprietary software, block-chain transactions will help users detect patterns and identify new trends in less time. When this technology is applied to countries such as Sierra Leone, as the country is trying to go beyond the traditional information and communication technology, and one is still in the emerging state of the block chain technology era, almost every country in the country or industry can Get value to enhance. The program also includes a unique service deployment model that makes it easier to use services and the overall platform. Government departments, municipal courts and private enterprises will use this system.n
This represents one of the largest RCZ projects to date in West Africa. As technology evolves to awaken dormant human assets (such as time and attention), we can expect to see the effect of this technology in connecting more and more physical sites to the global digital economy.n

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