Since Canada that hearing since this goose has fallen even more than bitcoin can not be compared

Canada is affected by the storm, listed since 18 months or 5 times of Canada geese (Canada Goose) in 12 months but suffered a setback.

Canada local time on Thursday, Canada goose fell 5.48% reported $62.15, intraday fell over 7%.

Since December 7th, the Supreme Court held in the Canadian province of British Columbia, the HUAWEI CFO on bail hearing since this is known as the national brand down jacket manufacturers, its share price has fallen by 20% compared with the peak at the beginning of the month fell more than 32%.

Late on Friday, said Canada goose is in its official micro-blog, due to the construction, will delay the scheduled for December 15th in Beijing District of Sanlitun shop, and the company also did not give a date for the opening.

At present, Canada goose has set up a regional headquarters in Shanghai, and in the Tmall Luxury Pavilion official flagship store opened luxury channel.

According to eleven data of Alibaba, although this year has just settled in Tmall, but Canada geese in the big promotion day to store the number of visitors about 500 thousand people, equivalent to 3/4 of the population of Vancouver, turnover in just one hour is too easy to do.

But after market analysis, compared to the previous Italy luxury brand Dolce & Gabbna event, facing higher risk for goose. If the tension in the relationship intensified, Canada goose Tmall stores closed in May, the company is still in the environmental protection to prevent protests among.

But the original Institute for high extension that core growth logic Canada goose has not been changed by this event, as the long-term growth potential of an enterprise, should not be denied short-term external shocks. At this point, Canada goose and D&G there is an essential difference between external and internal:

“For the Greater China region is still in the testing phase, this” boycott “the result is more likely to collapse and copycat market clearing. As for short-term stock price, rise much, find a reason to fall.”

(Wall Street knowledge Huang Daiyu)

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