Six noteworthy bitcoin price forecasts: see $500000 at the upper limit?

Bitcoin prices will reach $100000 to $200000 in the next 12 months, which has become a fairly common prediction. At present, bitcoin is in a bull market cycle. Year to date growth of more than 200% and surpassing most stock growth in 2020. But this rally seems to be different from that at the end of 2017: first, the historic high has been clearly broken; second, institutions are accumulating bitcoin, while most of the public are still waiting. “We are in a flood of money and credit.” in this bull market cycle, with the acceleration of central bank currency expansion as the main driving force, the prediction of bitcoin reaching six digit price has become more and more common. When billionaires like ray Dalio began to have the idea of investing in bitcoin and gold, it was also a phenomenon of “currency devaluation” diversification. “We are in a state of rampant money and credit that is driving up the prices of most assets and distributing wealth in ways that we currently think the normal system cannot achieve, which is threatening the value of our money and credit.” “This flood is likely not to subside, even if assets are measured in terms of currency depreciation, their value will not decrease,” he warned at the reddit meeting on December 8. But it’s important that we diversify in terms of currencies and countries and asset classes. ” Will bitcoin reach $100000-200000? As cointegraph reported in May, mark Yusko, Morgan Creek’s chief executive, said BTC could cost more than $100000 in the next year or so. Bitcoin prices have more than doubled since May. But in the next 12 months, BTC prices will still have to rise by about 300% to reach the expected six figures. The estimate echoes the predictions of the popular stock to flow (S2F) model, whose creator, PlanB, said the S2F model was still correct. Last month, PlanB reiterated that he still firmly believes that BTC will reach $100000 by December 2021 due to “supply shortage”. “People often ask me if I still believe in my model,” PlanB wrote last month. To be clear, I have no doubt that the bitcoin s2fx model has the right predictive power, and bitcoin will reach $100000-288000 by December 2021. ” It is reported that bitcoin has caught up with the average trend line of S2F model in the past month. ‘conservative’ $200000 – $300000? According to other analysts, the $200000 price forecast is even relatively modest. Will woo, a popular on chain analyst, says he now sees more evidence. At the same time, BTC supply in the exchange is also decreasing due to the aforementioned shortage of bitcoin inventory. BTC reserves on all exchanges, from cryptoquant, will have a double impact on bear markets, according to woo. “My top model found that BTC worth $200000 by the end of 2021 is a conservative forecast, and it is not impossible to reach a value of $300000.” “I’ve never been so optimistic about 2021,” he continued in another article. This repeated accumulation stage is consistent with the stock consumption in the spot market, and the degree is about twice as high as that in the previous cycle. ” $400000 and higher “digital gold”? The higher price forecasts for bitcoin come from the argument: “bitcoin can challenge (or have begun to challenge) and eventually replace gold as a de facto store of value.” Interestingly, with bitcoin rising to an all-time high in early December, 2020 will outperform gold significantly, and some of the most optimistic predictions come from the traditional financial sector. In November, for example, an analyst at Citibank said in a report to clients that bitcoin could reach a high of $318000 in 2021. Citibank executives now believe that bitcoin is in the middle of a bull market and looks like a “very clear investment channel”, and that the target price of bitcoin in December 2021 should be set at $318000. At the same time, JPMorgan has begun to point out that bitcoin is becoming more and more popular among traditional investors. In fact, the investment banking giant sees bitcoin as a “digital gold” with greater upside potential than its already “very mature” gold investment. In a note to clients, the strategist said: “institutional investors are just beginning to invest in bitcoin, and bitcoin is more beneficial to institutional investors than gold. If this medium and long-term view is proved to be correct, gold prices will suffer structural obstacles in the next few years. ” Today, bitcoin’s market capacity is less than 4% of gold’s market value. This huge upside potential also prompted other big name investors to share their forecast that bitcoin will reach a market capacity of $9 trillion to challenge or even surpass gold. Morgan Creek’s Anthony pompliano’s price forecast for Tek is still around $100000 in 2021. But if BTC starts catching up with gold in the summer, it will set a long-term target of $400000. Meanwhile, the founders of the Gemini exchange, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, believe that bitcoin is “better gold than gold”, which means that a price rise to $500000 is also likely. Mr. Cameron said MicroStrategy and other investment companies buying a lot of bitcoin is just the beginning of a major shift, and more importantly, Wall Street has started a bitcoin investment boom, and bitcoin will quickly become part of its “brainless” portfolio. Finally, he added: “what if every fortune 100 or 500 company does this, and if central banks start doing the same? They haven’t even begun to do so. ” The content of this paper is for information transmission and does not constitute any investment proposal. Some of the pictures are from the original. Translation: Xia Yi Da Ling think tank

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