Six wrong interpretations of bitcoin hard bifurcation

Six wrong interpretations of bitcoin hard bifurcation


Long-standing bitcoin transaction congestion problems, to achieve expansion has become a community consensus as soon as possible. However, the core team to the area quickly, Nakamoto block size 1M is set as the hope to solve the bitcoin transactions golden laws and precious rules, by way of the soft congestion bifurcation problems. Using a variety of methods to suppress the opposition, especially for the wrong interpretation of bifurcation hard too much.

A block size, 1M set

At that time, bitcoin participants is relatively small, there is no bitcoin transaction congestion problem. Hard fork inherited expansion Nakamoto. Bitcoin core team (BitcoinCore) is the 1M as golden laws and precious rules can not break through.

Two, hard bifurcation equal split bitcoin

Hard fork just bitcoin system is a technology upgrade, solve the bitcoin transaction congestion problem, does not change the existing pattern of distribution of economic interests. The bifurcation will lead to hard bitcoin split concerns is the etheric Fang bifurcation of the etheric and hard Fang Fang two classical algorithm based on ethernet. The Core team split to bitcoin Ethernet square hard up and hard to bifurcation bifurcation, the bifurcation is hard demonized as in the division of bitcoin, and even that “only happened in urgent need of repair loopholes need hard fork, absolutely can not active hard bifurcation”.

Three, the hard block can be enlarged infinitely branching

Bitcoin unlimited (BU) this expansion scheme is popular in the community, but the community also has some misunderstanding. Think bitcoin block size can expand without limit, in fact this is a misunderstanding. Bitcoin is infinitely adjusted according to the dynamic demand of bitcoin block size of the market, not unlimited expansion.

Four, hard against lightning and isolation verification network bifurcation

The expansion of the school insisted hard bifurcation is actually not against lightning and network isolation verification, the expansion of school and the core team to sign the “Hongkong consensus” is the best example. Just then, the core team refused to go back, the block size is increased to 2M. In fact, isolation verification can really solve problem of bitcoin trading has been extended, lightning network can share the backbone of micro payment. But the realization of isolation verification and lightning network requires a lot of time, difficult to achieve in the short term, hard after the bifurcation and lightning isolation verification network still can cooperate with each other, the three can only promote the steady development of bitcoin.

Five, the evil Chinese miners support hard branch

The miners voting Nakamoto is designed, miners are bitcoin ecosystem security. The miners have invested a lot of money to buy the machine for the mining, and their bitcoin is a group of people most closely linked. The miners out of the cost is very high, once the bitcoin going in the wrong direction, the hardest hit is the miners, miners for their own interests, decisions are deliberate, bitcoin miners is a group of people most responsible, they would only support for bitcoin more favorable expansion plan. Soft and hard for miners bifurcation bifurcation without too much personal emotion, is entirely driven by the interests. While China miners only a part of the global miners.

Six, the center node bifurcation hard lead

Hard fork size limit break block 1M, into 2M, 4M or more. This will increase the network transmission and storage hardware burden. The reality is that even now the block size is 1M, only a few people will download all nodes, most people do not choose to download all nodes, Download all nodes for most users is completely unnecessary. For those few people, no matter how large blocks, as long as the need to completely can be realized, the most is to spend more money to the equipment storage space becomes large, it is easy to achieve things for playing bitcoin people.

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