“Small” online purchase law said bitcoin mining machine can be seven days no reason to return?

B online shopping platform A is a technology company in order to buy 10 sets of bitcoin mining machine, the full payment in advance, according to the shopping platform, bitcoin mining machine for the sale of the product, after three months after delivery, A, for personal reasons, do not want to buy orders of the bitcoin mining machine, then contact B apply for a refund, the delivery period not to, A single bitcoin mining machine is not shipped, but B does not accept refund reason A, refused to refund. After B, according to the agreed time delivery, after the arrival of the A after the goods were rejected, returned after the B express company, to sign, B A issued a notice in the exhortation to the designated place to take the goods within 7 days after receipt of the notification, or in accordance with the ownerless processing, the resulting consequences borne by A. A said, according to the “measures” management of network transactions, he shall have the right to receive the goods within seven days no reason to return, B shall refund after receiving the return.

So, in this case, the A based on the adequacy of a refund? He can ask for a refund to seven days no reason to return “as an excuse?

A said, “the network transaction management approach” is based on the “consumer protection law” and other laws and regulations. “Consumer protection law”, the operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification. On the other, the “consumer protection law” also stipulates that consumers need for life purchase and use of goods or services, protection of its rights under the law; the law does not stipulate, protected by other relevant laws and regulations.

To note here is the focus of the “consumer” and “for daily consumption”.

Consumption and production management is a relative concept, living consumption is people consume products or services to meet the needs of the behavior and process of life, production and operation as input, output, sales, product distribution activities. The disputed goods in this case for bitcoin mining machine, bitcoin mining machine is a special machine bitcoin is generated, its purpose is to buy A for the production of specialized bitcoin products, its behavior is funding the purchase of production materials in the production tool behavior, so A is not out of consumer need to buy bitcoin mills, does not belong to the “consumer protection law” the scope of protection, therefore, should not apply to seven days no reason to return the relevant provisions.

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