Some netizens spent 10000 yuan a day on bitcoin, but they didn’t expect it to rise to 50000 US dollars in a few days

Five days ago, a netizen gritted his teeth and bought 10000 yuan of virtual currency. Ethereum, dog coin and BTC are all high-level disks. They plan to save them for a year and then have a look. The software has been unloaded, and they are also ready to lose 10000 yuan of light. Five days later, unfortunately, the total market value of bitcoin surpassed Tesla by more than $890 billion, ranking seventh in global assets and closely following Tencent. To be exact, the current bitcoin is worth about 50000 US dollars. It has to be said that the netizen’s luck is too good. Bitcoin soared after only five days of buying it. I just wonder if this netizen can’t resist the temptation to download the software again and sell all the coins he bought before? To tell you the truth, I used to do the same thing. I remember that when bitcoin dropped from 20000 to 7000, I bought one. One day, I suddenly saw it soar to more than 100000 yuan. At that time, I was afraid of falling back to collapse, and then I couldn’t wait to come out. Now I’m sorry to think about it. Do you think it is possible for the netizen’s 10000 yuan virtual currency to appreciate in 2022?

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