Sorry to cry! A programmer mistakenly discarded 7500 bitcoins as garbage, estimated at about 240 million dollars

On January 6, according to media reports, an IT Engineer in Britain accidentally threw away the hard disk with 7500 bitcoin private keys as garbage. According to the current price of $32000, he estimated that it was about $240 million, and he said that he was too late to repent. According to a report released in June 2020 by chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, at least 3.7 million bitcoins have not been touched for at least five years. Glassnode, an encrypted data company, estimates that about 3 million bitcoins will be lost forever. Since the bull market in October 2020, about $7 billion of bitcoin has been rediscovered. Source: Beijing daily client original title: “British programmers throw away 7500 bitcoin as garbage, currently estimated to be about 240 million US dollars”. Editor: Liu mengge, chief editor: Hua Lijuan

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