South Korea bitcoin the strong momentum of development, the government vigorously promote bitcoin

South Korea bitcoin the strong momentum of development, the government vigorously promote bitcoin

Recently, according to media reports, the current South Korean bitcoin industry is booming, many traditional Korean financial industry has a business relationship with the establishment of bitcoin. After many interviews, the reasons for the original support South Korea bitcoin industry rapid development in South Korea has a good foundation for the environment.

Has the world’s most advanced Internet infrastructure

As everyone knows, bitcoin is an emerging electronic currency based on bitcoin trading network btctrade display market today, bitcoin price 6666 yuan, its operation principle is derived from computer – block of the latest technology chain technology. This kind of technology usually requires Internet communication and to keep it running, just South Korea have such conditions.

Experts say the Internet infrastructure and architecture is an important premise to guarantee the bitcoin currency electronic encryption can continue to develop, while South Korea is equipped with advanced Internet infrastructure, it is bitcoin to lay a solid foundation in the development of South korea.

Cctv2: Korea business transactions and online shopping help the development of bitcoin business opportunities

Support from the Korean government

In addition to South Korea has excellent Internet conditions, necessary conditions for the strong support of the government is the bitcoin can rise.

The South Korean government for the development of bitcoin industry has made a number of supportive policies, and continuously improve the development of its framework. For example, recognize bitcoin legalization, and development plan launched by the official financial institution, the establishment of bitcoin trading project etc..

The rapid development of South Korea bitcoin

Block chain start-up company UmatiBlockchainLtd CEO MicKimani said that the emergence and development of bitcoin is an amazing process, and it seems that South Korea has a lot of resources to support this process, and the broad market.

To establish business relations with South Korean traditional financial institutions bitcoin

A block chain private chain services company’s chief executive, to the media, the current in South Korea has many traditional financial institutions bitcoin and establish business contacts, for example:

In Shinhan bank, can use credit cards to redeem bitcoin;

Buy stock in large securities, can use bitcoin payment;

Korbit – in the bitcoin exchange, can transfer to more than 30 countries.

According to reports, South Korea Korbit is the establishment of the first bitcoin exchange. In addition to providing bitcoin transactions, Korbit also supports Ethernet Fang trading, according to the bitcoin trading network btctrade display market, price of 276 Yuan Fang Ethernet today..

In multi-party support, bitcoin in South Korea’s thriving development. The current bitcoin transactions in South Korea has lined up fifth of the world market with the bitcoin industry in the development of South Korea, the ranking will continue to move forward.

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