South Korea’s National Bank and other 7 banks by hackers bitcoin blackmail

South Korea’s National Bank and other 7 banks by hackers bitcoin blackmail


On June 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, the hackers asked South Korea 7 large banks to pay the ransom, otherwise it will attack. Korean financial supervisory service has entered a “state of emergency” attacks.

Known as the “armada” (ArmadaCollective) hacker organization said Wednesday that if the bank failed to use virtual currency bitcoin (Bitcoin) to pay a ransom, the 7 major South Korean banks to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Hacker threat to 7 banks by email, including five big banks in South Korea: South Korea National Bank, Shinhan bank, Woori Bank, KEB bank, Hana Bank NONGHYUP, asking them to late on Monday to pay about $300 thousand in ransom.

The Korea financial supervisory service IT team official foreign media said, in the 7 banks received the armada Organization issued the threat of email, the financial supervision institute into a state of emergency, we are preparing a variety of methods to prevent DDoS attacks, including shielding unnecessary IP address, dispersed flow and set up a clean area.

A defensive measure is the so-called “clean area” will seek through the target site traffic to have the ability to handle large traffic sites, to resolve the DDoS attack.

DDoS attack is a common form of cyber attacks, the huge traffic to target to destroy and paralyzed website.

Since the beginning of the armada to the organization, the hackers are believed to have to companies around the world for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But there is also the view that these threats are basically empty, the impact force and the DDoS is smaller than many other attacks, such as extortion virus WannaCry.

The WannaCry virus in May as a weekend spread around the globe, then killed more than 200 thousand Taiwan computer trick Windows system in more than 100 countries, affecting all organizations around the world, including the French car manufacturer, the Bank of Russia and Spain telecom operators, caused the attention of the whole world. The important information in the computer users by the virus encryption, hackers only pay a ransom to recover.

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