Southeast Asian financial services provider Pundi X officially joined Achain Ecology

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SINGAPORE Time On the evening of November 30, the Achain team, who just emerged at Blockshow’s International Blockchain Asia Summit, publicly announced a strategic investment in Indonesia’s Pundi X project. At the meeting, Achain and his core ecosystem members Linkeye, SelfSell, Kcash, Coinfix, Ourdax, together welcomed the new members to join.n
Pundi X is the world’s leading provider of digital finance solutions. Currently, Pundi X has officially joined the Achain ecosystem and once its PundiX POS is available, it will support all tokens from other Achain ecosystem members including Linkeye’s LET, Coinfix’s USC, and more.n

Achain has sail sail to internationaln
Achain will meet at 7:00 p.m. and the opening address will be delivered by Mr. Wang Binsheng, a consultant for the Joint Development of Blockchains and Distinguished Professor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Professor Wang said that the Chinese market itself will continue to have a huge impact on the development of the blockchain. The Achain team is a major force with strong technical skills. Achain is committed to building a global chain of information systems, value chain, trust and exchange of blockchain network system. Developers can use the Achain platform to publish tokens, smart contracts and blockchain systems more safely and quickly. Its brand philosophy and technical mission are to build an unbounded blockchain world.n
Subsequently, the important partner of Achain, Li Yuan, came to power. His speech cited the words of Cui Meng, the founder of Achain:n
n”Achain has sailed to sail to the world.”

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