Special features 5.2

Source: according to coindesk, a trading platform, bitcoin has reached a high of US $52536 in the past 24 hours, with a new record of US $52255, up more than 7%. In a report released on Tuesday, JPMorgan Chase said the three-month real price volatility of bitcoin was 87%, while that of gold was 16%. Supporters of bitcoin say bitcoin will threaten the status of gold. JPMorgan analysts point out that the total value of all bitcoin in circulation has expanded to $900 billion from $200 billion in September 2020. The $700 billion expansion comes as institutional investors pour only $11 billion into major trust and futures markets. The limited supply of bitcoin has led holders to charge a premium on bitcoin flowing into the market, Morgan said. At the same time, it is pointed out that the influx of retail investors may have enlarged the capital flow of institutions.

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