Square, the mobile payment company, is launching the app’s Bitcoin trading options

nRunaway Comment: After last year’s pilot experiment for departmental users, Square’s CEO of mobile payments processing company announced that the company app has fully traded bitcoin to support users. He believes that the vision of Bitcoin is to affect the world, but to remind users of the risks. And due to legal and regulatory constraints, the four states in the United States can not yet get the service.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Jack Dorsey, chief executive of mobile payment processing company Square, said the company’s Square Cash App users have been able to buy and sell bitcoins. Last November, Square Cash App’s Bitcoin functionality was limited to selected pilot groups. Now users can access this feature, use this platform to buy and sell bitcoin.n
Square, a payment company, said Satoshi’s vision is to have a global impactn
Business services integrator and mobile payment company Square announce that its Bitcoin features are already available to most Cash App users. Last November the company tested it for selected users to use the feature to buy bitcoin. In addition, Jack Dorsey, the company’s chief executive, advertised the app with a screenshot of a color blog about Bitcoin and its founder, Shin-Satoshi, and the description of this innovative technology ends like this:n
n”It’s hard to imagine, is not it? One thing is certain: Nakamoto’s vision is to have a global impact.”n
nSquare said Cash App gives users the ability to send and receive bitcoins between their friends and relatives, stressing that Bitcoin prices can be “volatile and unpredictable” and remind users to make “smart financial decisions.”n
n”We try to make it easy for users to buy and sell bitcoin with the Cash App account balance. Unlike most other apps, most of our deals happen in seconds, and you can even spend your free Visa debit card on your earnings.”n
For everyone, a bigger capital entrancen

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Twitter, is a big fan of bitcoin.n
Jack Dorsey, who is involved in the company’s operations, explained to social media fans that it is now possible to buy bitcoin.n
n”You can sell it if you do not want it, Bitcoin is now open to most Cash App users.”n
nn”We support bitcoin because we see it as a long-term direction for greater access to capital for all, a small step.”n
nNow only four states in the United States can not use the Bitcoin App for Cash App, which is Hawaii, Wyoming, New York, and Georgia. Due to the harsh cryptocurrency regulations, these states will not be able to see the Bitcoin feature on the go.n

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