Standford professor Zhang Shousheng: optimistic bitcoin virtual currency, prospect

Standford professor Zhang Shousheng: optimistic bitcoin virtual currency, prospect


Zhang Shousheng, a tenured professor at Stanford University, in 2017 the world Chinese Award nomination, world-class physicist and involved in the field of risk investment in the pursuit of quantum parallel world, in his words: “this is really a perfect world is a quantum world, is a quantum particle, it is 100% in parallel do two things, the quantum world is parallel, I think my life can reach this realm.”

Professor Zhang Shousheng said that artificial intelligence is a direction of this era of maximum propulsion, and globalization is an inevitable trend, can put Chinese directly onto the international stage. Professor Zhang said, China both in production and the real economy, there is an information economy and virtual economy, and information and virtualization will bring a huge change in the manufacturing industry.

Artificial intelligence is a product of the times to see the bitcoin prospects

And brought computing ability greatly improved, and the algorithm for large data based on the invention of artificial intelligence rapid development today, will also promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. For example, VR and AR of these new technologies will drive the implementation of manufacturing workers to participate in the study and training of homeopathy and ultimately improve skills, finally realize the great changes of the manufacturing industry, and then realize the China China government proposed 2025 plan “manufacturing power” strategy.

For example, Zhang Shousheng said, “I think computer artificial intelligence really do very quickly in this area, this is one of our more optimistic. A company called AutoX for example, we focus on the investment, it does not need other instruments, the 3D map does not need HD, does not need the laser radar, using ordinary camera can achieve automatic driving. In the entire transport sector, unmanned, are pushing for a very large technology.”

In the financial field of science and technology, Zhang Shousheng believes that the combination of artificial intelligence and block chain of these two technologies will bring great changes to the financial industry, he invested some block chain project. Zhang Shousheng said: “I think bitcoin is a very banner of financial technology in this era, bitcoin in America, it is also as a property rather than as a currency, I think it will penetrate into every field of finance, I am very optimistic about its development, development prospects of virtual currency.”

“From the Internet, bitcoin reached to the center of the network, then bitcoin and block chain it can reach to the center of the financial industry, which is the world’s development history an inevitable trend. Is a matter of time, but any financial products are at risk.”

But the specific for the virtual currency bitcoin, what risk? Whether individual investors can participate in the great? Professor Zhang did not do a detailed answer.

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