Star Jets begun to accept bitcoin payments

Star Jets begun to accept bitcoin payments

AdvancedDefenseTechnologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of StarJetsInternationalLLC began to accept bitcoin payment ticket. The use of StarJets customers can obtain all preferential.

And customers can enjoy more than 5000 domestic flights and 15000 international flights. The company allows bitcoin transactions for the company may open new opportunities and new customers.

Bitcoin recognized gradually increased

StarJets CEO RickySitomer said bitcoin payment is increasingly recognized, companies may not participate in the.

“Bitcoin payment is increasingly recognized, we want to get the media to bring customers the flexibility of trading”.

The company also disclosed that the stop signal will remove the stock “”. This company will be renamed StarJetsInternational, Inc.

In addition to accept bitcoin payments, these measures seem to increase the profitability of the company, ensure the competition in the digital age.

Aviation and bitcoin acceptance

Overall, the aviation industry and commercial flight industry to accept large institutions bitcoin is not much, but the industry seems to be in the mood change. May Japan Airlines PeachAviation started to accept bitcoin payments.

News reports:

“Since April, the domestic digital currency as a legitimate way of payment, popularity and bitcoin trading volume in Japan rose. Now one of Japan’s biggest airlines special offer PeachAviationLtd. announced the first Japanese airline companies to accept bitcoin payments”.

As for the private airlines, StarJets is the first to accept bitcoin. Prior to this, the British started to accept bitcoin payments. I hope more private enterprise can let customers deal with the digital currency.

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