Startups will be compatible with the Factom block chain bitcoin and Ethernet square block chain

Startups will be compatible with the Factom block chain bitcoin and Ethernet square block chain


Over the past few years, the Factom project has attracted a lot of attention. The application of block chain technology in the financial field of ideas is always exciting. The project team will try in the sensitive data embedding block chain. However, due to the M2 characteristics of the newly developed, they will be compatible with bitcoin (Bitcoin) and etheric Fang (Ethereum) block chain.

Contrary to popular belief, Factom is not limited to bitcoin blockchain. Although bitcoin is the most secure block chain, but they do not intend to put all your egg in one basket. At the same time, through the integration of the etheric Fang block chain, Factom can guarantee the data security at any time. In addition this will increase to the center of the characteristics of the project.

Welcome to Factom Ethernet square block chain

The feasibility of the plan should be attributed to M2. Factom will integrate all the data into the network entry (Entry) or chain (Chain). The user data stored in the entry, and the formation of cooperative interaction between the chain and entry. Each chain has entry block, these blocks and every ten minutes at a speed of generating new. This seems to be the same time bitcoin block.

However, there is an important additional file.

“Ten minutes at the end of all chain all new entry blocks (EntryBlock) will be integrated into a directory block (DirectoryBlock), and then embedded Ethernet and bitcoin blockchain fang. If 10 minutes without a chain of new entries, the chain will not add new entry block”.

For Fang Ethernet and Factom, which are inspiring progress. The different functions of many companies in the exploration of the etheric Fang blockchain. So you can understand the Factom is not limited to bitcoin blockchain initiatives. It is not known when the project will enter the main system.

When the news release, Factom Factoid tokens are rising in price. Factom the original money will be ensured for its support of information security in the chain block. In recent weeks the price has been steadily rising these tokens; which can predict the future of Factom is exciting.

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