“Stock god” Buffett meets “coin net red” Sun Yuchen, who will brainwash to whom?

Following the launch of the EOS 1st Anniversary product, a major news of the currency circle is that Sun Yu Chen, founder of the wave field, took a record high price of 4 million 567 thousand and 888 yuan (about 31 million 540 thousand and 300 yuan) for the “Buffett charity lunch”. This topic also boarded micro-blog hot search, also affected by the news, TRX on the day soared 6.51%, hitting a maximum of 0.040 dollars.

Sun Yuchen, who has always been a high-profile, seems to have arranged detailed marketing and dissemination points in the auction process, and “squeezed toothpaste” has been spoiled. Many netizens have guessed that Sun Yuchen is the winner of the auction two or three days ago, but still does not affect the intensity of the news. After all, one is the stock god, the other is the coin ring red.

Next, let’s look at the whole story first.

The about 30000000 most expensive lunch in history

The twentieth Buffett charity lunch auction ended in May 31st. The winning bid was much higher than last year’s $3 million 300 thousand, which is also about 1000000 dollars higher than the record high of 3 million 460 thousand US dollars in 2012. It is called “the most expensive lunch in the world”. In June 2nd, the 2019 auction of “Buffett” charity lunch was announced at eBay, an e-commerce website. The transaction price reached $4 million 567 thousand and 888, about 31 million 540 thousand yuan, breaking the highest bid record in 20 years. From the eBay display results, the final bid was an anonymous account S***5 bidders.

Shortly after the auction results were released, Sun Yuchen hinted in his circle of friends that “a major event was made, announced three days later”, and a friend circle was issued the next day: “let the bullets fly for a while.” The news spread rapidly in the currency circle. We all speculated that Sun Yuchen might have photographed Buffett’s charity luncheon, or even called “Sun Ge wants to pull the plate.”

Until today, just after the zero hour, Sun Yuchen announced that micro-blog had officially captured the Buffett charity luncheon. He wrote: “I officially announce to you that I won the Warren Buffett 20th Anniversary Charity luncheon with a record $4567888. I have always been a long-term believer in Buffett’s value investing philosophy. At the same time, I hope to invite people from the chain chain industry to communicate with Buffett, so as to enhance the understanding and friendship between top traditional investors and digital money, so that the whole industry can really benefit from it.

Sun Yuchen will be able to bring 7 friends to lunch with Buffett in New York. Buffett also commented in his assistant’s mail, “I am glad that Sun Yuchen has won a charity auction lunch, and I look forward to meeting him and his friends.”

Not only will this expensive lunch be captured at the highest price, it will also be the first post-90s entrepreneur to go to luncheon with Buffett in the world. This is nothing more than the high light moment of Sun Yu Chen’s life. “Post-90s entrepreneurs”, “disciples of Ma Yun” and “Coin Ring Red”. Today, spotlights are on Sun Yuchen. What on earth is he?

The controversial winner of life

If we get to know Sun Yuchen from Baidu entry, we will probably get the information: he was born in July 30, 1990, headed by “the 90’s entrepreneurial leader”, the first GPA of History Department of Peking University, the first student of Ma Yun lakeside University, and many auras of outstanding young people such as the Davos forum in 2014. It seems that it has already been the winner of life, but people in the currency circle know that there are also many controversies on him. He is the founder of TRON, Bittorrent CEO. It is also known as the “Coin Ring Red”. Once around him, the doubts of “cash in the way”, “plagiarism” and “air currency” have been heard. Even some people have given him the title of “Coin Ring” Jia Yue Ting, because their routines are “high-profile public relations, but the company is running short of progress”.

So what are these questions about?

In July 2017, Sun Yuchen created the wave field TRON project, aiming to become a global centralization free content entertainment system. Then its white paper was questioned by V God “copy paste”, and there was no visible product in the project, so it was labeled “plagiarism” and “air currency”.

At the end of 8 in 2017, a wave of about $400 million was raised on the wave of “air currency”. From the middle of December 2017 to the beginning of January 5, 2018, the price of wave field has risen from one or two cents to 2 yuan in just a half month, which has risen 100~200 times. When leeks thought they wanted to become rich, they broke the news online in April 2018, saying that Sun Yuchen had sold 6 billion wave money and fled to the United States 12 billion. Since then, wave field money has gone down all the way. We all accuse Sun Yuchen of being a liar, and he was at a high position to cash in and cut the leek. But Sun Yuchen also responded to the question on the day he broke the news.

In short, in the more than one time after the birth of the wave field, Sun Yuchen and the wave field were not favored by many people. Until mid 2018 to the second half of the year, Sun Yuchen launched a 2 billion dollar PG plan, a super 100 million node super award, programming contest, and so on, and established his own DApp business unit, and completed a series of actions such as team expansion, heavy gold acquisition, virtual machine TVM on-line, and so on. The wave field, like a black horse, stands out in the competition of the public chain. It has become one of the three major public chains. Its DApp ecology has surpassed EOS and Ethernet. In addition, the most global attention is the wave field TRON to buy BitTorrent at a high price of 140 million dollars. With the empowerment of BitTorrent, the development of TRON ecosystem has entered the fast track beyond expectations.

Sun Yuchen is such a person who can not get rid of controversy and use action to refresh people’s cognition.

Can the Buffett lunch bring good money circle?

Then, what’s the purpose of this Sun Yu Chen taking such a lunch at such a high price? Is Buffett simply learning the value investing strategy?

Many comments on the network said that this time Buffett lunch for Sun Yuchen, more like a company’s price publicity, Sun Yuchen is just want to borrow the potential publicity, for the wave field name. According to the past progress of Buffett’s lunch and his company, this lunch will be a great advantage for the wave field project.

But Sun Yuchen’s purpose is far more than that. He said on twitter that this will be an excellent opportunity for mutual understanding and knowledge exchange. This is not only a new era for TRX and BTT, but also an important step in the history of the whole block chain. And Sun Yuchen told Bloomberg interview that he would choose the most persuasive friend and the most influential person in the field of encrypt to attend luncheon. After all, it’s not easy for Buffett, 88, to change his mind.

Therefore, the outside world also called Sun Yuchen should take the mission of popularizing digital currency knowledge to Buffett to photograph this charity lunch.

As we all know, Buffett has always held a negative attitude towards digital money, especially bitcoin. In February, Buffett told the financial media CNBC that the underlying technology block chain of bitcoin has good prospects for development, but the success of the block chain does not depend on bit encryption digital currency. He also said more than once in media interviews or shareholders’ meeting that “bitcoin does not produce any value”, bitcoin is likened to “mouse feces” and “gambling equipment”.

So if Sun Yuchen wants to persuade Buffett to believe in encrypted currencies, the task can be very arduous.

But Sun Yuchen seems to be very confident, he said in an open letter to the encrypted currency published today. “The most successful investors in the world will inevitably miss the tide of the times. For example, Buffett has never realized the value of Amazon, apple and Google.”

So netizens also filled various dialogues between Sun Yuchen and Buffett, one of which was:

DCG CEO Barry also commented on twitter that it was funny to think Buffett started to spray.

On the one hand is the netizens brain supplement Buffett people scene, and netizens questioned, “Buffett is 88 years old, and Sun Yu Chen to eat, do not worry about late night is not guaranteed?” “Does Buffett refuse to go to a dinner party after he knows the history of Sun Yuchen?”

On the other hand, Sun Yuchen has also been confirmed by insiders. “Ran”, an analyst with CNBC, a Ran analyst, said that most people go to lunch with him, so that they can listen to his wisdom and want to swallow every word he says. Few people can do so much for the industry as Sun Yuchen did. This is a great job. This is the genius of the whole world to talk about encrypted currencies.

In any case, as many netizens have said, I hope Sun Yuchen can take this opportunity to name the currency circle and let top traditional investors understand and believe in digital money, which symbolizes the victory of the entire block chain community. As for the final result, we will wait and see.

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