Stock returns exceed bitcoin! Is the new car making force really on fire?

Electric vehicle industry, now very busy. In the article “Apple auto is coming, Huawei is concentrating on enabling it! Will tech giants start a new round of auto wars? „ÄčIn China, we elaborate on the technology giant’s blazing new trails into the automotive industry. In fact, this is just a microcosm of the booming situation in the electric vehicle industry. The truth is that the electric vehicle industry, dominated by new car makers, is taking off at an accelerated pace. It has to be mentioned that the new car making forces were still in “hell” last year. Financing shrinking, capital chain breaking, closing down, thunderbolt running away A lot of new electric vehicle enterprises that didn’t survive showed a tragic drama. This year, the new car force seems to be in a “paradise”. Financing continues to record new highs, stock prices slowly rise, market value continues to rise, and bullish voice is strengthened In less than a year, the forces of new car making have achieved the counter attack from multiple dimensions, such as word-of-mouth, environment and growth. Perhaps, this is what we are looking forward to seeing. Bitcoin is dwarfed! In recent years, bitcoin has created one myth after another. A few years ago, thousands of yuan could be invested in exchange for a billionaire today. It seems that there is no better way to get rich than bitcoin. But this year’s performance of new car makers has overturned this perception. Take Tesla, the leader, whose share price has soared more than 676% so far this year. Meanwhile, bitcoin rose only about 220% this year as of December 22, according to coin metrics. From the data comparison point of view, bitcoin is obviously at the disadvantage. Another obvious case is Weilai. Before that, Weilai’s share price almost fell to “1 yuan / share”, and there was a rumor that “Hillhead and other investment institutions have cleared their positions in Weilai”. Even many funds, industry investors believe that Weilai has no investment value. But what many people did not expect is that Weilai’s stock price soared later, and the floating profit income was dozens of times or even higher. There are even investments in Xiaobai, which has made 13 million yuan through the investment of 20000 yuan a year, which surprised many senior investors. When the whole entrepreneurial circle is reading the article “Wei Lai Li Bin, the worst person in 2019”, perhaps no one thought that everything would turn around in 2020. Looking back on 2020, many people may cry out and make mistakes. There is no way to be misled by the news report and lose the ability of independent judgment. We can only accept the bitter fruit. Of course, this is also directly related to the fact that the force of new car making has been sung down before. No one can imagine that bitcoin is dwarfed by the popularity of new car making forces. We also see that the new force of car making is now raising more capital when the stock price is high. Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideality have raised more than 7 billion US dollars, and obviously want to start a bigger market competition. This financing opportunity seems opportune, but it also has a certain significance. After all, the new car force is today’s hot fried chicken. It is not just a flash in the pan that the popularity of new car making forces will continue. Because they have made great progress in the research and development of models, supporting services and product quality. After the financing, the new car forces are still making up for their shortcomings. For example, in the field of power generation and automatic driving, Weilai would like to focus on the research and development of charging technology and pure electric platform, while Xiaopeng will regard the field of charging and swapping as the goal of the next stage. In addition, the changes in the overall environment also attract more attention to the new car making forces. According to news, apple electric car, which has been rumored for a long time, will be officially released in the third quarter of 2021 at least two years ahead of the original plan (the original plan was 2023-2025). It is also reported that apple is promoting its autonomous vehicle project, which is planned to be put into production in 2024, and may be equipped with self-developed “breakthrough battery technology”. With apple in the board, the field of electric vehicles will be more lively. Apple obviously can’t be the only one. But its entry will drive the new car making forces to gain higher attention. Similarly, the entry of Huawei has a similar chain effect. It can be predicted that the hot trend of new car making forces may continue. After various crises, the new car making force seems to be in harvest time. The new car manufacturing forces who will win and survive the tide of bankruptcy are the four little dragons of Weilai, Xiaopeng, ideality and Weima. In addition, drive vehicle enterprises represented by BYD, Volkswagen and Audi constitute the pattern of electric vehicle industry. However, compared with the steady operation of traditional automobile enterprises, the new car manufacturing forces still face more potential risks and unknowns. In order to resist the risk, the new car forces also use all means. For example, Weilai has joined hands with Hefei state-owned assets to add a more solid background for itself. The ideal is to hold the Internet giant’s thigh tightly. Almost every new car making force has its own unique way of survival. This makes their core competitiveness very different, and the trend is more complicated. It also means that it’s hard to say who will win the new car building force. Only through their step-by-step development trend, to see who can laugh to the end. (Constantine, a new scientific discovery)

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