Super books project internal rivalry secretly? IBM and Intel are a block chain tug of war

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Earlier this month, super books (Hyperledger) Management Committee approved a new supply chain project, this marks a significant change of the source block chain alliance.

 Super books project internal rivalry secretly? IBM and Intel are a block chain tug of war

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This opens up a new field of temporarily called the “Sawtooth Supply Chain”, because it was the first real union resident application layer in the software stack. It is built on the Sawtooth framework, the framework is provided by Intel (Intel) super books.

Prior to this, Hyperledger will limit its work in the lower level, and considering the industry participants, to avoid the custom design block chain application code. This work let the supplier in a proprietary manner — like IBM and WAL-MART (Walmart) in the company’s real-time tracking food supply chain platform.

Nevertheless, 11 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) members in 9 in the December 6th vote in support of the new project. Is approved by the Sawtooth Supply Chain as a senior project, which greatly improves its visibility, means it entered a formal Hyperledger project life cycle, and get the corresponding support (community development, marketing, security review etc.).

According to CoinDesk reports, the project is carried out in TSC approved regardless of 2 other members of the opposition of the situation, the 2 members questioned whether the project belongs to the scope of the development of Hyperledger. It is worth noting that both of them work in the IBM: Arnaud – le – horse (Arnaud Le Hors) missed the vote, and former TSC chairman Chris Ferris (Chris Ferris) participated in the vote, but choose to abstain.

From the enterprise in the field of block chain point of view, this seems to be a tug of war, while the IBM and super favorite books to implement Fabric, the other side is the support of Intel’s Sawtooth. When a team has a budding supporters, he is the newly appointed chairman of the TSC Sawtooth, and the chief defenders from Intel, Dan Middleton (Dan Middleton).

In addition to do more works in the application layer, Sawtooth Supply Chain is also the first non technology companies by American food giant Cargill Inc (Cargill) sponsored projects. Therefore, the supply chain project (currently do not have a fixed name) the deployment speed may be faster than other super books project. Considering Cargill’s participation, it may be the IBM Food Trust project competition.

However, as tensions to larger issues surrounding governance, between the supply chain from Hyperledger than to focus on the potential competition platform more meaningful.

Although IBM argued that let Hyperledger approved an application level project may weaken the alliance as a neutral player, but other people think that the technology giant boycott of the offer, in order to curb competition.

Bitwise CEO James Mitchell (James Mitchell) said:

This is basically a discussion about what is the open source software. An organization like Hyperledger, its structure is ultimately protectionism around a series of commercial interests, or have different goals?

“Pay the rent”

Tension in the supply chain project reflects can reflect in a way that Hyperledger has gone beyond the original organization led by IBM.

The chairman of the TSC Middleton is very cautious in wording, he told the CoinDesk that his part of the work is to ensure that the diversity of Hyperledger, and keep the block chain to the advantage of talent shows itself.

He acknowledged that IBM has been an important contribution to the super books and open source, so Intel and many other organizations.

He said: “I think it is important that the legitimacy of the organization in any one can not destroy our transparent development code open source organization. We just want to have a good balance between ensuring that all contributors.” Bitwise Mitchell is not so much a strategy, he claimed that the IBM in the early Fabric, has used the Hyperledger (and the alliance with the Linux foundation partnership) as a way to promote its service enterprises — he called “open source cleaning”. “You want to be able to tell you how to build a open source solutions story. But the important thing is, most of which is the application code, you want to be able to retain exclusive ownership of intellectual property, and solutions in the profit level.” “I think people are very clear; they realize that in the next 20 years, they do not want to pay the rent for these solutions to large technology providers. Mitchell warned that once an industry to adopt a common language specific processing business, block chain could represent an enterprise software license before more than a radical form.

Mitchell said:

“According to our conversation with Cargill and other partners, we believe that the industry needs is to have these solutions, rather than suppliers.” He said, this may take the form of closed source, shared ownership between the parties, or even better, the open source software in these industries are construction, contribution and sharing.

The relationship between IBM and Intel is really the case, or just a guess?

The expression of Hyperledger in expanding the scope to promote Sawtooth supply chain project concerns, from IBM Ferris said that this is his personal point of view, has nothing to do with the IBM.

He told CoinDesk:

“When we first established Hyperledger, said we will not enter this field. We are doing this for a reason, because we want people to be able to use the framework we are building. We do not want to be considered in competition with those trying to establish supply chain solutions around the people. Ferris added, “in this part of the creation of new supply chain project is very specific to Sawtooth. This makes him worried, because Hyperledger according to the guidance of the management committee, the top project tools also need to support multiple frames, but not too focused on a certain framework.

In his opinion, the Sawtooth Supply Chain should not be promoted to the top of a project, and should be placed in the Hyperledger laboratory. The laboratory project is deemed too early hatching distance TSC approved projects, for example, from hackers loose or research project sample code. If a laboratory project wants to enter the incubation stage and become an official project, must submit a project proposal to consider TSC.

For the Middleton Hyperledger on the need for greater diversity of views, Ferris said this point has been resolved, especially in the past year or so, because many developers from different organizations have joined this community. He said, now the IBM contribution may account for the total contribution of 30%.

“In Fabric, our contribution accounted for about 40%. I mean, we have the contribution is one hundred percent. So this number has been declining. Yes, IBM is committed to the success of Hyperledger. But for the same reason, we also become hegemony in trying to keep this kind of investment.” The famous IBM block chain engineer and chief technology officer Gari Singh (Gari Singh) added that although I felt honored to hear IBM achievements are made in Fabric, but the lack of other big industry players contribution depressing.

Singh said:

So you see the Oracle running Fabric Amazon; and their new hosting service in the Fabric block chain, but did not return any content for Hyperledger. Really contribute to enter, but the contribution from start-ups — we actually want to see from the company’s contribution.

True blue giant IBM

In Switzerland last week in Basel at Hyperledger forum, some members of the community is important to use this opportunity to pay tribute to IBM.

Monax CEO Casey Coleman (Casey Kuhlman) said that the Sawtooth Supply Chain project supported by Hyperledger, this point is self-evident; he said, despite doubts, but IBM did not stop the project. He also said that in his view, blue giant acts like a “very rational community members”.

He said:

In my opinion, their behavior is very rational and selfish. Because after all, we are all enterprises, we are trying to make money. We are selfish. We should do.

Hyperledger director Brian Behlendorf said, although the organization is changing, but the focus is still that can apply to most things.

He said:

“This is not just a case of Cargill in order to solve the reusable code template, or formula or anything needs.” When it comes to the world’s first Hyperledger Forum’s success, Behlendorf also want to pay tribute to IBM, he concluded: “without them, we will definitely not here.”

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