Super UASF is able to break the bitcoin expansion of this predicament

Super UASF is able to break the bitcoin expansion of this predicament

The controversial bitcoin code modification initiative is a step forward.

The specific circumstances are:

Due to the expansion initiative bitcoin core developers (in favor of the troubled miners so far are not willing to support the SegWit isolation, so some people have witnessed) to seek a more radical way to promote the network adjustment.

So the emergence of the so-called “user activated soft fork (UASF) upgrade initiative.

A few weeks ago someone with a “shaolinfry” for the first time an overview of this new anonymous bitcoin upgrade.

The idea is very complex, but the core is composed of economic actors (users, exchange, wallet and payment processors), rather than the miners to decide whether to adjust.

It quickly triggered a discussion about the safety of social media. Although it is a new idea of controversial, but it caused many bitcoin developer attention, including ChrisBelcher and JoinMarket developers to the center of the storage platform Sia co-founder DavidVorick.

Then shaolinfry seemed eager to prove his idea, and then made second proposals.

This is consistent with the current SegWit (isolated witness) unique UASF. This means that once implemented, is likely to trigger a new soft bifurcation in October.

Shaolinfry said:

In this case, if the Segwit is not activated before October 1st, the miners will need to do so. If they do not exchange will refuse to those who do not support the miners’ block, miners will not get paid”.

Belcher pointed out that the developers are now called “super UASF”.


If bitcoin want to add new features, such as SegWit, we need a rule updating method. But for about $20 billion worth of software upgrade is complex, and how to ensure the safety, such as how to avoid split into two blocks chain.

The miners support soft bifurcation can be said to be the most secure way, because it is not backward compatible, and everyone needs to be updated.

However, shaolinfry believes UASF is the necessary choice.

“There is a very dangerous myth in some circles, that the miners can decide the consensus rule”, the white paper describes the miner’s bitcoin is restricted to allow effective trading added block.

Vorick believes that SegWit is an optional upgrade, people can choose not to use, and the benefits to the ecological system.

“UASF is now becoming a popular idea, because the miners refused something there seems to be a lot of community support”.

However, not sure whether the method need to immediately try to realize “better method, Vorick super UASF” is a written agreement the first main participants of economic activities.

When shaolinfry asked whether the introduction of the program is too fast:

“I don’t think so, because this is not a new deployment. The BIP (bitcoin upgrade initiative) only need to buy from the exchange, get enough support in accordance with the hash function, SHA256 algorithm can be used to support initiatives or choose other profitable. It will lead to other node upgrade”.

Shaolinfry further explained that the majority of the nodes are upgraded to SegWit bitcoin software. Many companies have to further upgrade their software to support this change, some rely on its lightning network (LightningNetwork) program has been completed and provides important evidence for the social ecological system to support it “”.

In addition, developers said, UASF previously used to deploy other upgrades without any problems.

Blow scepticism

However, many people don’t think UASF is a good idea, after discussion and puts forward some problems: how to measure the most economic groups? Is it really safe? If they don’t follow, what will happen?

Some people think that now do the risk is too big.

In the Cornell University IC3 encryption monetary items in a PhilDaian blog with the analysis of different types of bifurcation is called “the worst of the two in the world”. He pointed out that concern with BitcoinCore contribute to LukeDashjr, but the irony is that it is too trusting of the miners.

“If you dig into a single malicious block, that is essentially a block chain split, if the majority of the hash is not to enforce the new branch, it will permanently maintain this state, is also a hard bifurcation, lots of hash function force does not verify soft forked rules. Then you have a force will validate the hash”.

“You’re very dependent on the miner’s honesty and sincerity”.

Objection is that the miners had no choice, only support the most economic groups want to the chain, at least if they want to continue to sell them from mining bitcoin.


Vorick said it needs more time. “We identified before, also need more research and consideration of the USAF, I think that if the SegWit upgrade fails, we may try to UASF”.

In any case he is optimistic, even though SegWit never get support.

Bitcoin is no longer the upgrade will be disappointing results, but I don’t think it will suffer a setback threat in the highest position in the field of encryption currency”.

Bitcoin has received many other currency without the encryption attribute”.

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