Supload bitcoin to challenge Imgur

Supload bitcoin to challenge Imgur

Image hosting is one of the new and improved bitcoin applications, thanks to the on-line a month Supload. It is reported that the Supload service will bitcoin payment to its users to share advertising revenue. linked to the co-founder of Supload MikeReilly, he recently announced that its website has thousands of users worldwide to pay nearly 2BTC advertising, it is worth noting that there are a lot of people is the first contact with bitcoin.

What is the Supload?

Supload is a new online image hosting service, and it is very similar to the popular website Imgur. Supload allows users to upload photos, such as meme (meme) and dynamic GIF images, and the hosting is free. Then the user can share or insert picture links to social media sites, such as Reddit and Facebook.

Is the biggest difference with other services, Supload will provide its users to pay 50% of the advertising revenue, according to the settings, the user account with $1 or more to cash. According to the website, once the user has earned more than this number, they can at any time by way of bitcoin withdrawals.

Because the service expenditure is usually very small, using the traditional payment services (such as Paypal) will make the business model difficult to continue. While bitcoin in micro payment on the potential of the establishment of this website to promote Reilly. He told reporters:

“We believe that the ability of bitcoin has given us at the lowest cost to the world of instant content creators pay.”

The new user contact bitcoin

Supload in its first month of operation, will be a lot of people support. Since a few weeks ago we launched this service, the number of our users reached about 2000 people, “Reilly said,” about 70% of these users is positive.”

With the website users and the new function is increasing, supload began to spread on social media through the picture marketing approach, but this tactic has helped them find new users.

Reddit user “ttwtf12” comment:

“The amazing website, because it is my only contact with bitcoin, I had to bitcoin is how to work have been confused, I always contact with bitcoin hesitate, but this site allows you to earn some bitcoin, then you can understand how it is trading.”


Although supload provides users with half the cost of advertising, between it and the other image hosting service website is still a big gap. Imgur is now the world’s largest image hosting site, according to site statistics service Quantcast, Imgur currently has 79 million 700 thousand monthly unique visitors and 2 billion 600 million page views, in the world’s most popular website ranking, Imgur ranked fiftieth.

In the image hosting market tens of millions of users, how many people would be willing to choose Supload, which is still an unknown. But at least they will have some people will be attracted, and come into contact with bitcoin. Who knows, maybe Imgur will be used to encrypt user and revenue sharing money.

Supload plans for the future

Reilly and his partner supload created the service, but also help in the growth of bitcoin. “The future of the site will be focused on the same goal,” Reilly explained, “we start from the purpose is to let the user through them on the Internet to do can more easily get bitcoin,” he said.

In addition, Reilly is also planning a variety of Web site updates, including more profit function. The site will also add the social function, the user after the completion of the activity, we will reward them some bitcoin, “he said.

Reilly concluded:

“For now, we just do the image of monetization, but in the next few months, we will focus on the content of money work more widely, such as files, video, and several other options.”

Do you think Supload will have the prospect? Please give your opinion.

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