Support bitcoin car purchase? GAC Weilai has touched the red line!

Out of the circle is the story of new energy in this era. If it does not, it will fail in 2020, which is shrouded by the epidemic situation. However, it is also the problem behavior of new energy based on Internet thinking, especially the “eye-catching” marketing mode without threshold restriction and direction. The biggest problem in the construction of new forces is the lack of restraint and awe attitude towards traditional enterprises. Just like GAC Weilai, the first enterprise to support bitcoin to buy cars, there was an uproar of gimmicks. From the perspective of domestic monetary policy, the only currency for domestic consumption is RMB. In order to ensure the stability of the financial market, all currencies should be traded in this form. In the domestic market, such global high-value currencies as US dollar and euro are only a kind of presentation of assets. If you want to consume, you still need to convert them into RMB of corresponding value. Bitcoin is only a virtual currency, and its status in China needs to be improved and optimized. GAC Weilai issued the “support bitcoin” car purchase, and soon made the deletion processing. Due to the lack of supervision of relevant departments, as an enterprise, there are obvious problems in such brainless marketing. Weilai jointly issued a statement: GAC Weilai has no direct relationship with Weilai. GAC Weilai, established in 2018, is composed of GAC group, GAC new energy, Weilai fund, Weilai automobile and relevant personnel. Its main work is to engage in the R & D and sales of new energy vehicles. GAC Weilai and today’s Weilai automobile do not belong to the same Weilai. As a member of a state-owned enterprise, GAC Weilai issued the news of supporting bitcoin’s car purchase. It is not difficult to see that bitcoin has a high value and public awareness in the minds of a large number of people. As a matter of fact, bitcoin has become an individual’s property in the overseas market, and it has not been subject to relevant conflicts. At the same time, there have been disputes in the domestic market before, and there has been a case in Shanghai before, indicating that bitcoin, as a virtual currency, is also the relevant assets of the relevant owners. This statement is not difficult to understand. Like game accounts, these are all assets existing on the Internet and have certain value and significance. However, bitcoin is after all a virtual currency, and it is not realistic to want to circulate in China in a real sense. However, the industry has not prevented the normal circulation of bitcoin, so it is necessary to have normal consumption after relevant exchange. But as an enterprise, there are some problems in the marketing of bitcoin. After all, for the industry, bitcoin is just a way of presenting value, and it does not have any communication gimmicks and value. What’s more, we need to think about the direction and value of marketing. Marketing just for the sake of eye-catching will not bring any help. On the contrary, it will make enterprises fall into the trap of bad marketing. Although Weilai is only an investor and does not participate in the direct management of the project, after all, GAC Weilai has the hat of Weilai. If we don’t get rid of the identity at the first time, it is likely that bad marketing will cause stock market turbulence. Marketing is not a joke, it is a game of technology content.

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