Support bitcoin payment of the Android app, raised more than $1 million

Support bitcoin payment of the Android app, raised more than $1 million


The upcoming Android PlutusTap&Pay mobile application can let people in any compatible equipment businesses in the bitcoin and Ethereum (Ethernet Square) contactless payment, the APP in 9 days has raised more than $1 million.

The new enterprise was originally touted as a “virtual currency news tabloid in 2016 one of the most anticipated” bitcoin projects, more than 1000 people participated in the crowdfunding. In addition, the company said, more than 4532 people have registered the APP. Plutus CEO Philip? Martin said in a press release: “the community reacted very quickly and very.”

The company believes that Tap&Pay solves a major obstacle to the widespread adoption of alternative methods of payment: payment by the merchant. Because of the use of Plutus, customers do not have to wait or worry about whether merchants will accept bitcoin or Ethereum (Ethernet square).

Plutus is not the only one trying to digital currency, especially the bitcoin and Ethereum (Ethernet Square) into the mainstream payment company. Earlier this week, only support bitcoin payment company, Coinbase announced that it eventually added Ethereum (Ethernet Square) site support, allowing for the contract.

Coinbase not only meet the professional foreign exchange dealers also meet the needs of ordinary consumers. And, in support of railway currency means take many actions for Ethereum. Coinbase allows customers to facilitate bitcoin transactions, bitcoin transaction provides a simple interface for the user, and not only to the technical elite open or open to the public, and widespread trust. Now Ethereum (Ethernet Square) is also so, Ethernet square will be run in the same way with bitcoin. The spring of this year, Coinbase co-founder Fred? Sam wrote a blog, in the blog said he stood in the forefront of Ethereum digital currency. Since then, Coinbase of Ethereum (Ethernet Square) support is growing. In this favorable blog, Coinbase to GDAX, the virtual currency exchange, an increase of Ethereum transaction support.

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