Survey: 77% of U.S. investors believe that 2018 bitcoin prices will be higher

Survey: 77% of U.S. investors believe that 2018 bitcoin prices will be higher

According to research conducted by LendEDU in November 2017 next year, most Americans believe that bitcoin will rise more, but less than half of the people recognized crypto currency related regulations.

The research object is the 565 American investors, most believed that their investment will be better next year. However, despite the 2017 bitcoin alarming rate of increase reached 1800%, most observers issued a “bitcoin bubble” warning, but exactly how the future is uncertain.


Moreover, most of the research participants do not support the implementation of the next year more digital currency regulation.

When asked whether he plans to invest more bitcoin, 75% of respondents said the 2018 bitcoin will increase the scale of investment, less than 10% of the people are not going to increase investment.

Whether the sale of bitcoin plan next year, about 31.5% of the people that will sell part of 40% years, that is not for sale, 28.5% said not sure of how to dispose of bitcoin.

About 51% of respondents said at least bitcoin to buy a commodity program, and the 30% will determine whether or not for shopping.

When asked whether to support bitcoin encryption and money market supervision, about 50% research participants that did not support the new regulation, and a little more than 30% of people express to welcome more supervision.

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