Swedish programmers investment bitcoin has very bright future of bitcoin billionaire

Swedish programmers investment bitcoin has very bright future of bitcoin billionaire

According to the U.S. “business insider website” (BusinessInsider) reported that the Swedish programmer Alexander Botema (AlexanderBottema) bitcoin was skeptical, but later began to be regarded as a revolutionary innovation in a similar Internet style, and has brought all the body home.

Since the beginning of 2013 bitcoin investment, he has earned more than 130 times.


Portma to accept the “business insider” telephone interview said: “I am not a billionaire (calculated by SEK). But since 2013, I sold all the shares and put all his savings to buy bitcoin, my assets have increased more than 100 times.”

At the beginning of 2013 Botema began to invest in bitcoin, the encrypted digital currency price of only $30, and now has risen to more than $4000.

Portma did not disclose his initial investment amount, but obviously he was satisfied for the investment: since the beginning of 2013, he holds bitcoin has been placed there, never.

He said: “I give this as a retirement insurance. I don’t want to buy more, because I can’t get the same return on investment. I may consider selling some assets, if bitcoin price reached $100 thousand.”

Portma in Stockholm in the vicinity of a small community grew up, 9 years old when he began programming, used his home computer AppleII. But only programming is not enough, he hopes to learn more of the theory behind the computer.


In 1991, he began studying computer science at the prestigious University of Uppsala, after graduating from a Swedish consulting firm for data security and encryption, and later set up his own company and colleagues.

He later moved to the United States, in Massachusetts, a data analysis firms to work so far.

About 7 years ago, for the first time to contact Botema bitcoin. At first, he is not interested in the new digital currency, but later after the study eliminated his doubts, and that this is a revolutionary innovation.

After calculation, Botema think bitcoin prices could eventually reach 50 thousand to 100 thousand U.S. dollars, then began to invest in bitcoin. At the beginning he was also worried about bitcoin may be prohibited, but now do not think so.

The possibility of bitcoin plummeted, Botema said: “I do not worry about how this system works, I know what is my investment. Of course, this currency will fall, but after a period of time will always bounce. Bitcoin’s future looks bright.”

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