Swiss lawmakers take measures to realize the regulatory bitcoin

Swiss lawmakers take measures to realize the regulatory bitcoin

The state-owned railway services in Switzerland may have to catch up with the trend of bitcoin, but Switzerland is taking a slow way of specification of digital currency and financial technology.

Swiss railway operator SBB decided in the ticket sales network bitcoin news, it caused a great disturbance. The Federal Ministry of Finance (FederalDepartmentofFinance, FDF) outlined its plan, sometime next year will enact legislation to regulate the financial science and technology.

The key element of the plan is for the financial technology company issued new licenses, and the so-called “sandbox experiment for the company supervision”. According to the proposed system, financial market regulator (FinancialMarketSupervisoryAuthority) will become the major financial regulatory agencies in the operation of the Swiss technology company.

But the problem still exists. In a statement, FDF said it will further study on bitcoin and other digital currency, and the block chain more widely used.

The agency said today:

“The Federal Ministry of finance should be further clarified and the authorities to reduce the financial technology companies to enter the market of the barriers, and improve the financial market law (for example, virtual currency assets and legal treatment).”

During a news conference, the Swiss Finance Minister UeliMaurer said the proposed legislation, financial technology will help attract more companies, although the country’s relaxed attitude had attracted a large number of startups in Switzerland in the blockchain.

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