Swiss Minister of Economy to visit the “Georgia Valley” to understand the block chain technology

nnnJohann Schneider-Ammann, a member of the Swiss Federal Council and Minister of Economy, Education and Research, recently visited Zug, known as the “Encryption Valley,” and met with representatives of several district chain start companies in the region to learn more about The technology, and said it would be for the start-up companies for development funds. This is good news for Zug, can continue to promote the development of the chain of the Swiss chain.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nLast week, the Peruvian block chain organization, the Crypto Valley Association, declared that Johann Schneider-Ammann, a member of the Swiss Federal Council and Minister of Economics, Education and Research, visited Zug (also known as “Crypto Valley”) Said it would apply to the Swiss Federal Council for a grant of 150 million Swiss francs to support local start-up companies.n
nAlthough Schneider-Ammann admitted that he might have to go through a tough fight to get the money, he said:n
nn”This is where the future is, and I do not want us to stay trapped in the bureaucracy.”n
nnHe met representatives of a number of companies in the “encrypted valley” in Switzerland, including Lakeside Partners, Validity Labs, Melonport, Etherisc and digitalswitzerland.n
nThe meeting lasted for four hours or so, first introduced by Matthias Michel, and then Sebastian B├╝rgel, CTO of Validity Labs, outlined the block-chain technology. Next, Matthias Ruch, managing partner at Lakeside Partners, describes how to set up a start-up company. Melanport Chief Executive Officer Mona Ellsa and Etherisc co-founder Stephan Karpischek also made a statement at the meeting.n
nAt the end of the event, Schneider-Ammann spoke with speakers on how to promote the development of the zujie block chain ecosystem and the challenge of creating jobs and attracting foreign talent.n
nIf Schneider-Ammann’s request is approved by the Swiss Federal Council, the money to help the chain-chain start-up companies will help further stimulate the industry and continue to attract innovators for the “encrypted valley”.n

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