Swiss private bank Falcon group bitcoin asset management

Swiss private bank Falcon group bitcoin asset management


In July 12th, the Swiss private bank FalconGroup (Falcon group) announced that the bank will provide bitcoin asset management for its customers. Through a partnership with BitcoinSuisseAG, the bank’s customers will be able to use the funds for the purchase and storage of bitcoin account.

Falcon group became the first Swiss private bank XBT/BTC asset management

In the past few months, several banks have bitcoin bank into its asset management platform. In May, Norway’s largest online bank Skandiabanken announced bitcoin account of the customer service; and FidelityInvestment has just revealed in cooperation with Coinbase, will provide the digital asset management. Now, the Falcon group will become the first to provide bitcoin asset management solutions for customers of the Swiss private bank. Financial institutions provide the first service will allow customers through the bank to buy, hold and sell coins (XBT/BTC).

Falcon group is a company located in Zurich well-known banks, 14 billion 600 million Swiss francs global customer asset management. Financial institutions in Geneva, Hongkong, Singapore, Dubai and London offices. The company announced earlier, the Swiss financial market regulator (FINMA) has given Falcon private bank approval, the bank became the first to offer bitcoin Swiss banking institutions. In addition, the company is still Pelikanstrasse37 Falcon Zurich branch lobby installed bitcoin ATM for customers.

Falcon global group private banking products and services director ArthurVayloyan explained: “the establishment of a strategic partnership with the digital asset management and investment consulting system of first-class service provider MoveDigital, another significant factor for bitcoin asset management is our new strategy.” Vayloyan said,

“We are proud to become a pioneer in Swiss private banking sector, providing bitcoin asset management for customers. The Falcon in the emerging market believe that the time is right, we believe that this new product will meet the future needs of customers.”

Bridging the encryption between the money and the traditional financial gap

BitcoinSuisseAG was founded in 2013, to assist the Falcon group completed the recent integration, and that the decision is an important milepost the encryption of monetary market. BitcoinSuisseAG will be the new product to provide infrastructure and support, and served as shadow hunting group private banking anti money laundering management agent. As Falcon bitcoin brokerage assets and infrastructure partners, BitcoinSuisseAG will provide protection for institutional clients, tracking transactions and transaction bitcoin assets service.

“BitcoinSuisseAG is proud to be able to support the long history of the Falcon private bank. As far as I know, the Falcon is the world’s first private banks directly provide bitcoin assets to the clients of private banks.” CEO BitcoinSuisseAG NiklasNikolajsen explained.

“Because of the limited supply and unique performance, in a few years, bitcoin is rapidly becoming the incomparable storage value. With the recent market capitalization and liquidity growth, bitcoin and other major assets encryption provides a way for the diversification of cash holdings. Although the bitcoin price volatility of assets is always very high, but with the increase of adaptability, Falcon private banking services are now explicitly bridging between encryption currency and traditional financial gap, in the past few years the trend can be seen is very optimistic about the prospects.”

Nikolajsen said that the number of high net worth individuals and institutions bitcoin and digital asset investment showed a keen interest in. With some of the world’s banks began to provide bitcoin asset management services to customers, Nikolajsen believe that other institutions will also follow the footsteps of the bank.

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