St Petersburg canceled 40 bitcoin related website ban

St Petersburg canceled 40 bitcoin related website ban

On March 1st news, the local court second Russian city of St Petersburg, canceled after about 40 bitcoin related website ban.

Last March, St Petersburg prosecutors filed a lawsuit, to prohibit websites such as and, because they are “the spread of digital currency information”, “no real assets as the backing, and does not provide information about their data owner”.

Last July, St Petersburg Oktyabrsky District Court approved the St Petersburg prosecutor’s office for blocked 40 bitcoin related websites.

CBOE announced that it will launch a week ahead of bitcoin futures

CBOE announced that it will launch a week ahead of bitcoin futures

According to Cboe official website announcement, the bitcoin exchange futures “XBT” will be held at the central United States in December 10th five time in Cboe’s CFE futures officially listed for trading, and exemption from all relevant futures transaction fees before the end of the year.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) just after the December 1st review, allowing bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) trading, two in the launch of bitcoin futures on the runway began infighting.

CME early in October this year on the official website released the “notice”, and in 1, CFTC announced a regulatory decision soon after announced the launch of bitcoin futures trading in December 18th; while Cboe’s attitude is “the product is still in trial, will soon give you a satisfactory answer”.

Indeed, today (December 5th) Cboe “standard product” is a veil, and the launch date more than a week earlier than CME! According to Cboe official website announcement, the exchange bitcoin Futures (code “XBT”) will be held at the central United States in December 10th five time point in Cboe’s Futures Exchange (CFE) officially listed for trading.

Source: Cboe official website

The transaction fee waiver Cboe expected before the end of the year in the bitcoin futures on the runway “false start force”

CboeGlobalMarket chairman CEOEdTilly said in a statement

Taking into account the hitherto unknown investors bitcoin interest, trading tools to help customers to express their views and to hedge their positions have become crucial. We are committed to promoting fairness and bitcoin market liquidity, so we will launch in XBT futures is exempted from transaction fees.

In December this year, all XBT futures trading fee waiver.

In addition to Cboe and CME, according to the Reuters because of sources, the NASDAQ also plans to enter the bitcoin futures market, plan early next year in the two quarter of NASDAQ’s futures market launch of the product NFX. Obviously, Cboe wants to quickly occupy the leading position in the bitcoin futures of the “blue ocean”.

The core of infighting: competition for bitcoin pricing?

In the earlier editor featured article “two weeks bitcoin futures will incoming opportunity to make big money here? “Mentioned in the” Regulations “, CME futures contracts according to the pricing benchmark for CME with bitcoin reference rate (BRR:BitcoinReferenceRate), in the hope that the impact of the price of bitcoin for futures trading, and then through the traditional financial trading systems for bitcoin pricing.

This BRR is how come? The reference price is the weighted average price from several bitcoin exchange price calculations, these exchanges currently include: Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit and Kraken, but is not currently the world’s largest stock exchange including liquidity best Bitfinex price.

The launch of the Cboe XBT futures is similarly, according to the official Cboe statement, bitcoin price referenced by the XBT will be called digital asset exchange GeminiTrustCompany to an auction price as a benchmark, and a lot of digital currency industry media selectively ignore the Cboe this is not “mainstream” choice.

A digital cat $1 million?! This game has caused congestion Fang Ethernet Application

A digital cat $1 million?! This game has caused congestion Fang Ethernet Application

Block chain applications can become simple and interesting?

In the etheric Fang appeared on the platform as an example, now, this has been used as a virus like Ethernet square community that it spread to the etheric Fang network caused enormous pressure. You can think of it as the Tamagotchi to the center of the game (Tamagotchi), CryptoKitties seems to be flirting with the new user’s nerves, it makes the etheric Fang is no longer boring, let it become more interesting.

The app uses Ethernet square block chain to create a public and sharing of digital encryption cat history, now it has become the application of Ethernet Fang platform is the most popular, users have to spend at least $3 million to take the cultivation, buy and sell goods in the game yesterday, the highest one digital cat is a record high price of $1 million. As of now, the digital cat average transaction price of $100.

However, this fun game is to block chain Ethernet network workshop caused no small pressure, making the transaction congestion state in the long term.

“Due to network congestion, our production costs rose from 0.001ETH to 0.002ETH. This will ensure that your cat was born on time!” In the twitter CryptoKitties team described the present situation.

It is reported that CryptoKitties in its short life, which has occupied 20% of the computing power network Ethernet workshop resources, and it still seems to be in growth.

This is certainly not the only culprit and etheric Fang trading lag, but as the etheric Fang developer NickJohnson pointed out, this is a major cause of Fang Ethernet network congestion.

Johnson told reporters:

“CryptoKitties is an important factor causing network congestion, it may have forced us to block close to full block state.”


This question is a bit ironic, etheric Fang is known as the “computer world”, it can carry large amounts to the center of the final application, or even replace the internet.

However, such a vision, a cat trading application makes the network becomes congested, seems to be surprising. In fact, this is due to the working principle of the chain block, each block chain transactions need to deal with all the network nodes, which limits the amount of calculation can be carried out at the same time.

This means not only a lot of cat transactions can slow the Ethernet square network, it will also increase the transaction costs caused by Ethernet network workshop.

This is not only the etheric square, it is a common problem and other bitcoin blockchain, scalability.

Encoding BorisKozak issued a tweet, he thinks this problem is well known, the etheric Fang has many solutions, including the state channel

Lightning network, division and Casper consensus mechanism (POS mechanism of Ethernet and other developers square Founder VitalikButerin Research), however, these solutions require a large number of projects are currently in the unfinished state.

“This crisis may also accelerate the expansion of the etheric Fang,” Chief Information Officer BlockTower AriPaul said.

From the bitcoin community developers have also expressed their views.

BitcoinCore contributor JohnsonLau tweeted ridicule road:

“We need to cash or etheric Fang, many kittens will be killed.”

Misfortune may be an actual blessing.?

In short, the etheric square community is a positive response to this problem.

As usual, do you think that CryptoKitties is a positive development of Ethernet square community, it depends on whether you support this agreement.

The etheric Fang supporters have reason to feel excited, because such an application shows the ability of the platform and the short board.

“I am pleased to see that the intelligent contract can be separated from the hype, and cultivate a variety of applications,” money & contract encryption (IC3) researcher PhilDaian pointed out.

Even on the etheric Fang founder Buterin digital cat game expressed appreciation.

Assume that the etheric Fang the successful completion of the expansion, then it may be a blessing in disguise.

MartinK founder Gnosis ppelmann Ethernet Application workshop? Echoed this view, he told reporters;

“If it is successful, even if it increases the transaction costs of Ethernet network workshop, it will reveal the weakness of current technology, it will eventually make the etheric Fang better. I totally agree with the experiment.”

Bitcoin exceeded $10000! Is the embodiment of the value or the last crazy?

Bitcoin exceeded $10000! Is the embodiment of the value or the last crazy?

Bitcoin prices exceeded $10 thousand! According to CoinMarketCap data, South Korea’s largest trading volume trading platform Bisemubite RMB $10176.4. In addition, bitcoin trading platform Coinone and Korbit, South Africa’s largest bitcoin trading platform Luno, Turkey and Indonesia Paribu trading platform bitcoin trading platform offer between 10061.60 to $12045.80. While most of the world’s bitcoin exchange rates in the 9500 to 9700 U.S. dollars range.

Bitcoin skyrocketing

From the beginning of $1000 to the current $10 thousand, bitcoin cumulative gains this year has been close to 1000%.

The current price of bitcoin also makes the total market value of more than $156 billion, with the recent exchange rate estimates, the market value of 10296 yuan, more than the United States GE (GE), Boeing, Disney and company’s value.

Over the past two weeks, bitcoin soared 45%, and is in a bull market in stocks, the S & P 500 index rose 45%, spent nearly 4 years.

If bitcoin prices exceeded every node to a statistics, we can find the price exceeded $2000 mark, then reached a new high, the time spent in almost all reduced.

Continued tightening supervision

Bitcoin prices soared by the attention of regulators.

In September, ICO to clean up the chaos, the domestic regulatory requirements of the end trading platform of virtual currency and legal currency exchange business.

At the same time, overseas markets are also tightening supervision of bitcoin, according to Bloomberg, the European Central Bank has repeatedly warned the investment risks of digital money, vice president Vito Constancio said earlier, bitcoin is not money, but a “tulip”, alluding to the bitcoin bubble like Holland in seventeenth Century.

India’s central bank denies that it may become a digital currency, money laundering and terrorist financing channels. However, the Reserve Bank of India is studying whether the central bank to support global digital currency, whether it can be used as legal tender. At present, the use of digital currency in India is in violation of foreign exchange regulations.

Bearish faction: bitcoin like tulip mania

In fact, in addition to Tor Constancio, the capital investment of $28 billion Citadel founder and CEOKenGriffin also believes that bitcoin bubble economy like Holland in seventeenth Century.

KenGriffin Monday CNBC said he believes the block chain technology to support bitcoin effectively, it is expected that this technology will be applied in future some far-reaching. But now the bitcoin transactions may be speculative mania.

“There are a lot of factors bitcoin tulip mania, passion can be traced back to hundreds of years ago in Holland.”

“I am very worried about it, in addition to the (bitcoin) headlines rising, ‘I want to make sure you don’t miss the chance to earn some money, buy” bitcoin people do not really understand yourself in what. This is a hoax? No These bubbles often ended in tragedy. I’m afraid the bubble may be how to end.”

JP Morgan Dimon has been called a fraud, and that investors will eventually buy their own bitcoin price behavior. Although he is close to $5000 in September, bitcoin issued this warning, bitcoin prices have doubled.

BlackRock’s CEO Fink had also said that the value of bitcoin is real money laundering and crime, the future of bitcoin sooner or later blocked.

However, despite the bigwigs “persuasive” to promote bitcoin bubble, speculators do not seem to intend to stop.

See: bitcoin or at the end of 2018 to $40 thousand

Of course, there are some chiefs in positive bullish.

Feng Bao investment group before the macro hedge fund manager Novo Gallazzi said, bitcoin or before the end of 2018 the price quadrupled again, reaching $40 thousand. At the same time, its main rival ether prices may square from the current price of nearly $500 and up to three times.

According to the Reuters (Reuters) reported that in mid November, bitcoin prices plummeted more than 20% of the cases, nouvo Graz said their purchasing $15 million to $20 million in digital currency.

Morgan’s former chief strategist, co-founder of Fundstrat TomLee will bitcoin price target in mid 2018 from $6000 to $11 thousand and 500.

Because of Wall Street bitcoin interest rose, Standpoint company founder RonnieMoas also made similar changes to his bitcoin market forecast, he will bitcoin 2018 target price increased from $11000 to $14000.

Interestingly, the day before, have reported that the head of millet Lei may and Chinese largest bitcoin mining machine mining machine manufacturers in Beijing, the ant bit (Bitmain) there is a link between, is refers to the use of bitcoin mining business to increase their wealth.

November 27th, Lei Jun in the micro headline rumor said, never buy bitcoin, nor investment bitcoin mining machine manufacturers. “Fake! So far, I haven’t bought bitcoin, nor investment bitcoin mining machine manufacturers.” Lei Jun said.

In fact, a lot of correlation between Lei Jun millet with bitcoin. April 9, 2015, Lei Jun has said publicly, etc. bitcoin fell to 1000 yuan, spent one hundred million to buy bitcoin.

At present, millet France has to accept bitcoin payments, payment page display millet accept bitcoin by Bitpay for the completion of the conversion. In October this year, millet mobile also announced to join the super books (Hyperledger), to jointly develop and establish an open, cross industry, cross-border block chain technology for open standards, while the block chain is the underlying technology of bitcoin.

In addition to the well-known investor Lei Jun, Xue Manzi, Li Jiacheng also has been involved in virtual currency investment. It is understood that Li Jiacheng’s venture capital investment by Hong Kong Investment Company (HorizonsVentures) BitPay, the equivalent of virtual currency in the field of alipay”.

UCAN Jay Chou is also fond of the game platform Holdings bitcoin, the company CEO Peng Cheng believes that compared to the use of credit card transactions, the use of bitcoin transactions for “zero cost”, for they are more attractive. The relative bitcoin at zero cost and open environment, can attract the game to bitcoin as a trading channel.

Bitcoin skyrocketing four stocks rose this year more crazy

Bitcoin skyrocketing four stocks rose this year more crazy

Bitcoin become fashionable for a time, but also have a few shares rose in 2017 with the digital currency soared flag drum is gravity.


“The age” of the global stock market stock selection, and those who lack of trading volume, the capital scale is too small or the distress of stock in Venezuela have four stocks, or concern.

The first stock is PepperFoodService, the Japanese stock market listed company is a steak and Deep-Fried Spare Ribs famous restaurant chain, the company stock market from the beginning of this year, less than $100 million increase to the current more than $1 billion (about $1 billion 320 million).

The second stock is listed on the India stock exchange HEG. The company take “the graphite electrode booming fast, graphite electrode is an important part of electric arc furnace, arc furnace put into steel scrap smelting.

The third stock is also listed on the India stock exchange IndiabullsVentures, the company is a pioneer of online securities trading, are expanding their consumer loan business, the company’s shares rose 1162%.

Fourth stocks in Hongkong stock market listed Chinese Investment Fund (ChinaInvestmentFund). The company holds a Chinese gold and an auto parts company. The company’s shares rose 1230% in 2017, is the rise of the four stocks in the largest.

Bitcoin prices pushed up the legal recognition is not easy to “the future is still unclear”

Bitcoin prices pushed up the legal recognition is not easy to “the future is still unclear”

In November 29th, one of the world’s largest encryption currency exchange Beetham exchange, bitcoin prices broke through the $10 thousand mark. Most central banks still do not recognize this digital currency asset status.

At the beginning of the year, bitcoin price is less than $1000. Now, according to the PWC accounting firm Global 100 companies list, the total economic value of bitcoin trading has more than Citigroup or the market value of qatar.

Reported that bitcoin is now faced with the problem of legal recognition. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange intends to launch this encryption currency futures. However, the New Zealand company investment analyst Sergei Kostenko warned that the development of the legal recognition of virtual currency bitcoin may limit.

He told reporters: “this could lead to capital flight to the futures market, and promote the value of bitcoin trading in the spot market fell. It happened sooner, the sooner we see bitcoin price trend reversal.”

Kos Gannenk believes that the future of bitcoin is still unclear”.

He said: “the reason of price fluctuation is unknown, and not the actual supporting factors based on the company’s stock or with different currencies. Unlike bitcoin, these areas by the analysis of price changes to support a series of fundamental and technical factors, and not by the subjective opinion supporting the role of the market.”

Reported that this month, the world’s most popular encryption currency has experienced currency fluctuations. Two weeks ago, bitcoin prices fell 30% to $5500. After that, it has almost doubled, to more than $10 thousand.

Analysts told reporters earlier, more institutional investors to invest bitcoin, bitcoin prices more stable, because the top investors hate price fluctuations.

According to the CNN website reported in November 27th 2017, bitcoin soared momentum is busy. This virtual currency 26 days for the first time exceeded $9000, 27 in the morning and in the Asian market to break through $9500.

This year, the global stock market are rising, but compared with bitcoin, the return of stock market is not worth mentioning. So far this year, the digital currency has incredible rose about 860%.

Reported that, although the rise has some senior financial manager bitcoin skeptical, but experts say the latest round of rise seems to be related to the outcome of forecast — a prediction of large occupation investors, such as hedge funds and asset management institutions may soon on this kind of currency capital.

Thomas Glucksman, manager of the Sales Department of Hongkong Gatecoin digital currency exchange, large fund management funds, even a small part, “will have a dramatic impact on bitcoin market”.

Reported that this encryption currency is gradually gaining the legal status of the financial industry in some departments approved.

Start at the beginning of the month, investors can through the Chicago commodity exchange bitcoin futures. This may help to promote bitcoin’s reputation in the mainstream investors.

Glucksman said that the big exchanges support will encourage institutional investors involved in the bitcoin market”. He believes that if the bitcoin exceeded $10 thousand mark, so more investors will invest bitcoin occupation.

Reported that, as everyone knows, this virtual currency by JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Damon called “hoax”. But the defense of other celebrities including Goldman Sachs Group CEO Lloyd Blankfein, but for.

An investment company wealth investment adviser Shane Chamelle predicted, bitcoin prices within the next 6 months will hit a high of $12 thousand.

He said: “in the short term, greed will continue to push up prices.” But he warned that the next few weeks, once the bitcoin futures market problem, it may cause “severe short-term slump”.

Bitcoin onto the $9500 road is not smooth, which has experienced significant fluctuations.

In September, Chinese government halted bitcoin transactions, bitcoin prices plummeted, or up to 20%.

Earlier this month, bitcoin prices plummeted 30% in just a few days; but traders seemed to switch to other encryption currency, bitcoin currency and rebound quickly.

The Moscow stock exchange intends to bitcoin trading futures said the regulators did not affect its plan

The Moscow stock exchange intends to bitcoin trading futures said the regulators did not affect its plan

Russia is the largest stock exchange in Moscow stock exchange has been built architecture for encryption currency trading. However, recently the central bank seems to have decided in the crypto currency regulatory framework prior to the deployment of “forbidden” Moscow stock exchange bitcoin futures.

Does not prohibit bitcoin futures trading

The Moscow Stock Exchange (Moex) is Russia’s largest exchange group, the scope of transactions including stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, currency and precious metals.

According to local media reports in russia:

The central bank ban bitcoin futures trading Moex. Only after the perfection of domestic legislation, the central bank will reconsider this decision.

However, AndreyBraginskiy media director of the exchange said that this report is not entirely correct”. He detailed:

We have not been to the central bank (CBR) for on-line new futures contracts license. Therefore, say they have rejected applications is not correct.

Usually the new on-line bitcoin index futures does not need to wait for any new regulation deployment. Of course, to reach an agreement on the calculation of the index and exchange is necessary. But Russia needs regulatory approval.

Moex for the first time in August announced the construction of encryption currency trading structure, especially the bitcoin and its derivatives. The exchange said:

Whether it is from the supervision or from a technical point of view, the transaction encryption currency derivatives is less time-consuming and more convenient.

The encrypted currency trading interest

Braginskiy said, they will not be short-term trading bitcoin currency because of the direct encryption, on-line encryption currency (and different futures) need the corresponding rules to deploy.

At the same time, he reiterated that the on-line and bitcoin trading futures do not need to wait until the new regulatory rules promulgated, but should first get regulatory permission.

He further revealed:

In Russia, currency speculation around encryption is not a few, bitcoin because of its price changes often hit the headlines. Therefore, brokers and their customers to exchange encrypted on-line currency futures was very interested.

At the same time, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) also announced in 18 this month, started trading in bitcoin futures. In addition, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) and NASDAQ (Nasdaq) also has bitcoin trading futures plan.

Last month, Russian President Dmitry Putin met with the national regulatory authorities, then Russia will confirm the supervision of encryption currency. He asked the perfect encryption currency in Russia’s regulatory framework before July next year.

Bitcoin prices have been high, “aunt” running admission, 70% of the world’s bitcoin even in China?!

Bitcoin prices have been high, “aunt” running admission, 70% of the world’s bitcoin even in China?!

A global trading platform bitcoin price has exceeded $10 thousand mark! The rally seems to be driven by from small retail investors, that bitcoin is more and more general public investment as a kind of alternative asset classes like gold.

More and more “American aunt” is admission as “leek”

Since this year, bitcoin has jumped almost 1000%. In the past two weeks, bitcoin soared 45%, and is in a bull market in stocks, the S & P 500 index rose 45%, spent nearly 4 years.

Bitcoin prices rise rapidly this year. According to the website CoinDesk, bitcoin at the weekend to break the $9000 mark in New York Monday morning, the maximum rose to $9732, while only seven days before the digital currency has exceeded $8000 mark.

At the end of last year, bitcoin prices still hovering in the $950.

If bitcoin prices exceeded every node to a statistics, we can find the price exceeded $2000 mark, then reached a new high, the time spent in almost all reduced.

Bitcoin rose too fast, also caused concern among some market participants.

Senior investment professionals in PeterTchir Forbes wrote, although bitcoin earlier and financial market mainstream products docking (such as ETF, futures, etc.) contribute to the rise in price, but the recent steep rise up and some signs that the future bitcoin prices are likely to slow, even substantial adjustment. He also will bitcoin bull market point of view to neutral.

For bitcoin present situation, PeterTchir expressed three worries:

1. the current bitcoin may be in the buy sell news facts “, news, bitcoin enthusiasts will shout out more expensive in this wave of the bull market, but the doubters are thinking more, rather than rushing into. This means that the behavior of a series of “buy form news, sell the fact” environment.

2. in the encryption of money, there are many competitors, leading some investors do not know what is “true digital currency”. Some individuals and entities often introduce new varieties of digital currency, or will bitcoin “dilution effect.

3. with bitcoin related illegal funds and tax issues seems to have surfaced, following the implementation of government regulation China bitcoin, more and more countries of the central bank policy is not surprising. Bitcoin can withstand the test of concern.

Some evidence also shows that more and more “American aunt” is admission as “leek”, seems to make people see signs of the end of the bull market. At present, Google search volume trends in search “with a credit card to buy bitcoin” reached a record high.

70% of the world’s bitcoin why in China in remote mountainous areas?

Medium has 5000 sets of its mines a year consume about about 60000000 degrees, a year is equivalent to a population of 100 thousand rural consumption! Electricity accounted for about 50%, equivalent to dig bitcoin, half of the profits to pay the electricity bills.

These bitcoin is mine in the mountains, a very important reason is that the hydropower station is located in a remote, electricity is difficult to digest all, plant here, you can also get a relatively cheap price of electricity.

There is a price negotiation and in accordance with the power station. The average price of electricity industry should be in her, can be understood as bitcoin mines and power plants with a partner to do business, to a power plant electricity, mine machine, and then the final profit distribution together.

And 70% of the world’s bitcoin is excavated by China power. The future, such things may be more and more, the regulatory authorities around the world will encounter similar problems. Free from regulation or the consequences are difficult to measure, how to control, how to pipe, are a test of local management intelligence.

The United States announced that CFTC will allow the Chicago and CBOE launched bitcoin futures

The United States announced that CFTC will allow the Chicago and CBOE launched bitcoin futures

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said on Friday that will allow the Chicago (CME.O) and CBOEGlobalMarkets (CBOE.O) launched bitcoin futures, because the two companies have proved that contracts and trading arrangements are in line with plans to launch the necessary regulations.

The CFTC announced for Chicago and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) became the first launch of bitcoin related financial contracts are regulated by the traditional exchanges pave the way, this will be a watershed in the history of the development of bitcoin on, should lead to greater regulatory review.

An CFTC official said, the Chicago CBOE transactions with bitcoin futures contracts will be launched before the end of the year. Bitcoin futures pricing will bitcoin spot market as a benchmark, and settlement in the spot market.

Bitcoin this week for the first time this year is $11000, up more than 10 times, attracted a lot of bubble warning.

In order to prevent sharp fluctuations in Chicago, and CBOE will implement more stringent risk management mechanism than in the past, including the initial margin ratio of 35-40%.

The two exchanges also agreed to develop information sharing agreement, and the settlement program data to the CFTC, the CFTC is capable of self supervision.

Wall Street forecasts bitcoin will continue to madness: $100 thousand

Wall Street forecasts bitcoin will continue to madness: $100 thousand

Wall Street strategist Tom Lee (TomLee) said in an interview Wednesday, bitcoin currency can be an easy job to do this encryption to $100 thousand price range. It is reported that the bitcoin currency is close to $11 thousand on Wednesday morning.

“It is like a small company valuation.” Tom Lee said, “I think the next 10 years, the new millennium generation will put trust as a substitute for gold. So, bitcoin is essentially another generation of digital gold.”

If bitcoin reached the gold market value will reach $25 thousand 5% “. Tom Lee added, “but 5% seems too small. Can be calculated according to 10% or 15%, then bitcoin can achieve an easy job to do the interval of 100 thousand dollars.”

Earlier this month bitcoin cautious, Tom Li Shangzhou will bitcoin target price in 2018 from $6000 to $11 thousand and 500. He said Wednesday that in the early development of bitcoin, he mistakenly regarded as a currency.

In addition, earlier this week, former hedge fund manager Fortress Michael Novoglatz (MichaelNovogratz) is expected at the end of 2018, bitcoin will be “easy” to break the $40 thousand mark.

Bitcoin prices in recent weeks continue to hit record highs, and accelerating the trend of rising. The value of $8000 about a week later, the bitcoin currency on Sunday exceeded $9000, and $10 thousand on Tuesday.

But from the beginning this Thursday, the price of bitcoin, staged a roller coaster trend. The United States Eastern time Tuesday night bitcoin currency exceeded $10 thousand mark after hours, and the bitcoin currency exceeded $11 thousand on Wednesday morning, and hit a record high price $11388.33. But then the bitcoin currency with sharp decline, fell to $9290.30, down more than 18%.