Australia banned bitcoin gambling

Australia banned bitcoin gambling


The northern territory of Australia Race Committee gaming regulators (NTRC) has released an unofficial ban, ban cryptocurrencies all online gambling, and particularly bitcoin and etheric fang. Just a few days ago, an online gambling site license they announced that it is providing bitcoin to its customers.

Neds accept bitcoin gambling

Australia online gambling sites, CEO of Neds PaulCherry said: “we believe bitcoin currency and encryption is a feasible and secure online transactions. With this announcement, we want to ensure that those who share with us the positive attitude of the Australian currency encryption can use them and we bet.”

“We have been proud to be a technology company,” he said. “We are not only sports and race enthusiasts and Gambling company, we are programmers, analysts and computer fans, so this is a natural step for us. And we think that there are a lot of cross into the target market (money market encryption).”

Australia Brisbane because of its online gambling sites to accept bitcoin and received a lot of notice. As the first case of the continental countries, Neds even plans to join the currency substitution. Neds also claimed that more than 2% users will bear the transaction costs.

Neds received a license in the autumn of last year, and prepare all bets are using bitcoin, from the bet to the final exit. Cherry said thoughtfully: “this is a technical solution, we see ourselves as technical personnel, so we put bitcoin or other encryption currency integrated into our platform seems very appropriate. Many people may be some immature investors, they obtained some bitcoin in recent speculation, they may not know how to deal with these bitcoin.”

Regulators issued a ban

Then, all collapse in a few days. As of press time, the website is redirected to the official platform of it, all bitcoin tracks seem to have disappeared, including its search function. Earlier, there is such a warning on this page: “our website is currently offline, waiting for further instructions NT competition committee.”

In an e-mail in AustralianFinancialReview area, NTRC gaming regulators said, “it is going to issue a formal notice to all Gambling company and sports betting exchange operators, if they are currently using encryption currency (such as bitcoin transactions, etc., the etheric Fang) should immediately cease and terminate the transaction.”

No matter what the reason, the Australian government has local media called “a hostile stance” encryption currency, so far, for those who can be authorized, in line with international competition gambling institutions of the people, this is a limitation: radio advertising is limited to poker and other games. The enterprise of the similar email unresponsive, often lose the advantageous tax advantages, will also lose their license.

At the same time, Neds will continue to provide the use of legal currency bets for its online customers in australia.

Nomura: bitcoin appreciation or the Japanese GDP growth rate increased by 0.3%

Nomura: bitcoin appreciation or the Japanese GDP growth rate increased by 0.3%


Sina stocks news Beijing 2 news, Nomura Securities recently in a report to clients that bitcoin appreciation may make Japan’s GDP growth rate increased by 0.3 percentage points.

Nomura Securities analyst YoshiyukiSuimon KazukiMiyamoto said in the report, Japan bitcoin holders “wealth effect” may stimulate consumer spending, and will have a measurable effect on GDP.

The report is interesting, most analysts and economists believe that bitcoin’s market value is too small, too out of touch with other financial institutions, so as not to affect the real economy in the world. As of December 31st, the global total market value of $5600 encryption currency, but the world’s largest online retailer in 500 only three to accept bitcoin payments.

In economics, the “wealth effect” refers to when asset prices are rising, economic activity can be measured growth, making consumers feel richer, and increase their spending. This phenomenon has appeared in 2008 on the eve of the subprime crisis, the real estate prices soaring makes homeowners feel they are richer than previously thought. With the rise of their housing prices, these consumers start spending their balance, and inject vigor into the economy as a whole.

Japan is currently the world’s largest bitcoin market, 40% of the global bitcoin transactions with yen, more than the share of dollars. Nomura estimates that about 1 million Japanese holds about 3 million 700 thousand bitcoins. The wealth effect of these bitcoin holders may lead to 96 billion yen ($851 million) of extra consumption. Although bitcoin recently fell, but Nomura still believes that investors benefit the proportion of investors suffered a loss to Beamon more.

At the end of the year will exceed 10000 bitcoin or super billion dollar market for McDonald’s

At the end of the year will exceed 10000 bitcoin or super billion dollar market for McDonald’s

From the beginning of last week, bitcoin after a round of roller coaster rose 12, bitcoin prices had fallen to about $5500, then rebound once reached 50%, the price was above $8300.

StandpointResearch founder RonnieMoas said in a report, bitcoin prices may rise further, “there are a lot of positive developments in the past 5 months, bitcoin forward several obstacles on the road has been eliminated.”

Some analysts said the reason for this round rose from the United States, the payment company Square has announced the start to allow certain customers to buy and sell bitcoins in its CashApp application. This shows that bitcoin is recognized as a legitimate investment.

Of course, this year foreign bitcoin is constantly questioning, Goldman Sachs Group CEO said he was, Mr Blankfein, bitcoin neutral. “We are still considering bitcoin problems, there is no conclusion — neither support nor deny. We know that in the past were replaced by money gold, people have doubts.”

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Damon attitude is more clear that bitcoin is a “hoax”, also want employees not to participate.

In spite of the storm, according to statistics, bitcoin prices rose nearly 700% this year, according to the BitcionPrice trading platform data shows the current bitcoin market value has more than $166 billion 900 million, more than McDonald’s market value of $1330.

Bitcoin prices above $5300 for the first time this year has risen to about 454%

Bitcoin prices above $5300 for the first time this year has risen to about 454%


Beijing time 13 days morning CNBC said the price of bitcoin EST on Thursday for the first time exceeded 5300 dollars, a record high.

Industry website Coindesk data show that bitcoin prices rose by 11% on the same day, to $5386.23, more than the previous record of $5013.91 in September 2nd. So far this year, bitcoin prices rose about 454%.

Analysts pointed out that the bitcoin hard next month before the bifurcation of investor interest rise is contributed to the recent surge in prices. In August this year, the split into digital currency bitcoin and bitcoin cash, bitcoin investors get the same number of bitcoin cash at the time. However, all digital currency exchange does not support this immediately after the split currency.

In bitcoin driven by most other digital currency has also risen. The ether currency rose to about $305, bitcoin rose to about $316 in cash.

At the same time, investors seem to be negative news about bitcoin from the regulatory agencies of the lukewarm response. Last month, Chinese regulators banned the issuance of initial tokens (ICO), and several of the largest closed encryption currency exchange.

But in the past few days there are rumors that bitcoin transactions may recover in China. Encryption currency news website quoted the Xinhua news agency said, bitcoin transactions are likely to recover by more stringent supervision, which may include the new business license, and the anti money laundering supervision measures.

Why Japan in the short term will become the largest bitcoin exchange market

Why Japan in the short term will become the largest bitcoin exchange market


Earlier this week, Cointelegraph reported that Japan bitcoin exchange market than the United States, as the world’s largest exchange market.

Japan officially took over the United States and China to become the world’s largest bitcoin trading market. At the same time, the price is still higher than the $3200 BTC.

JosephYoung (@iamjosephyoung) August 7, 2017

However, with the recapture of their status China and the United States in the two largest international exchange market ranked in the global bitcoin exchange market in Japan, only briefly to maintain its trading volume.

In the major online bitcoin community and forum, bitcoin users, enthusiasts, analysts and traders expressed their appreciation for the use of Japanese trading to measure the amount of money market and industry growth a bit worried.

Zero fee transactions and margin trading

Some bitcoin users explained that due to zero fee bitcoin trading system, trading volume in Japan bitcoin trading market is expanding.

From 2013 to 2016, China government and the central bank issued the guidelines on a strict zero fee and margin trading, then Chinese is still the largest bitcoin exchange market.

But in the people’s Bank of China prohibited zero fee transactions, trading volume Chinese bitcoin trading market fell.

BitFlyer CFOMidoriKanemitsu said in an interview with, the trading volume of Japan bitcoin trading platform is legal. Despite the existence of zero fee system, but the transaction is not expansion nor by computer or the settlement caused by the illegal orders.

Kanemitsu said:

“Japan bitcoin market competition is very intense, almost all of the exchange does not charge any fees, so the competition will have a negative impact. But in the recent volatility has good capital inflows, including the ‘British exit’, the yen was buying bitcoin outperformed the yen.”

One of the key participants

No matter how Kanemitsu and BitFlyer in the position of zero fee system, Japan bitcoin exchange since its launch has been dependent on the zero charge trading system.

Users, traders and analysts can draw their own conclusions, to explain the rapid growth of Japan bitcoin trading market, and that the trading volume of Japan bitcoin trading market is expanding.

The fact is that Japan has become a key player in bitcoin, the new currency and reboxetine currency, Wright currency’s global encrypted currency markets.

More importantly, many users in Chinese government banned the “zero fee” after the transaction, the trading volume on the China bitcoin market were compared. But in fact, China is still the world’s second largest bitcoin trading market.

Bitcoin is 4 days soared nearly 40%, suspected large scale mines on the line

Bitcoin is 4 days soared nearly 40%, suspected large scale mines on the line

Last night, according to bitcoin insiders Choi bit -ahr999 micro-blog said bitcoin the whole network is 4, up nearly 40% from the lows, 96P soared to 134P high. The micro-blog news was released immediately triggered bitcoin industry, especially those bitcoin mining industry attention.

Some analysts pointed out that the suspected large scale mines on the line, the large scale mine own the whole network is 30%! Recently, bitcoin mining dig into Zhuang Zhao Dong that 40P is to count, the mine is a conservative estimate of 50 thousand kw. This may be a large scale mine on the line. Should not be in China, probably in Iceland. While another netizen see in front of the dark “expressed different views, he thinks that it is KNC 4800 3T is mine caused the bitcoin force is soaring.

In addition, some time ago, according to micro-blog official Yao yuan -BTCt, Inner Mongolia mining machinery of a machine base is managed the construction of wildly beating gongs and drums. According to the scene picture, the base of the task, but I -BTCt Yao Yuan said the base may be located in Ordos, a figure in the transformer power will reach 10 thousand kilowatts.