Political hackers use bitcoin rigged in 9 Latin American

Political hackers use bitcoin rigged in 9 Latin American

For decades, the Latin American election has been manipulated. In the twenty-first Century, science and technology has penetrated into the election, the area nearly five years of dirty elections. According to Bloomberg, rigging the use of hacking techniques, bitcoin is indispensable.

EnriquePe? ANieto, was born to a political family, is a local lawyer and a millionaire. In 2012, he served as the candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party won the presidential election, I wonder if he knows bitcoin is to help him to steal the election.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party until the fall of 2000, had been in power for more than 70 years. In the Nieto campaign, he promised to combat drug-related violence and corruption, and will promote Mexico’s political system transparent.

At the same time, thousands of miles away from the Bogota Chic Navarra apartment, Columbia political hacker Andrews Seiple? Vinda also in front of the screen on the Nieto victory. When the Nieto is open to celebrate the victory, Seiple Vinda has buried the campaign the most dirty secret.

According to Bloomberg, he was digging a hole in the hard disk and U disk, mobile phone, and then use the microwave circuit with the burned, they smashed with a hammer. He will file, thrown into the toilet, emptied by anonymous bitcoin in Russia and Ukraine server rental. He called Pe? ANieto’s campaign was his memory in Latin America in recent years a campaign was dirty.

The 31 year old Seiple Vinda said he did participate in the Latin American political campaign, and he revealed to Bloomberg, Pe? ANieto paid him 600 thousand dollars in budget funds, the campaign was done since 2005 he is the most complicated work. Seiple Vinda grew up in northern Bogota had poor areas, learn to write code in a local technical school. In 2014, Vinda Seiple for alleged cyber crime in Columbia’s presidential election in 2014 was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

He led his team of hackers to steal a competitor’s campaign file, install spyware, manipulation of social media. During this period, he was hunted by computer and attack politicians drug trafficking, the hacking threats, then fled abroad.

You don’t know the rival team situation, even Seiple Vinda team can predict the competitor next strategy, of course, all of this and spyware are inseparable. Typically, Seiple Vinda team can real-time monitor competitors using spyware.

He was in the name of the rival camp, set at three in the morning to automatically dial the phone campaign. Finally, the leftist candidate and Ramirez (EnriqueAlfaroRam rez) narrowly lost to rivals.

To that end, Vinda will Seiple political handclap.

He forged two party support or oppose public opinion on social media. He said: “when I realized that people are more willing to believe that the network of public opinion rather than reality, I found that I have the ability to let people believe in anything”

Seiple Vinda events show that bitcoin is not only dark network dealers use, but also by the amateur hackers extortion software is used to carry out illegal activities.

“My job is to perform the dirty war instruction and psychological warfare launched, all the dark side of black propaganda, disinformation launched — political, everyone can see, but not know that it exists.” Seiple Vinda said.

He used bitcoin in doing these things, Panama did not reveal this file.

Scottish Glasgow residents buy their homes in encrypted currency for the first time

nnnIn Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, where two people use the encrypted currency ScotCoin to exchange ownership of an apartment. These two people are also ScotCoin supporters and holders, that the encrypted currency or lack of access to some of the mainstream conditions, and hope that through their own efforts to promote this goal.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAn apartment in Glasgow, Scotland, has become the first property in the country to pay in digital currency. Peter McGowan bought a two-bedroom apartment with about 10 million ScotCoins, about £ 60,000. He bought an apartment from a friend and company colleague, who was also a ScottCoin intellectual property holder, David Low. They met 20 years ago, as Fergus McCann took over the Celtic Football Club (Celtic Football Club) the main promoter, Low led the club in the Celtics Football Club roadshow. McGowan and Low invested in the currency after ScotCoin released in 2014. Although this may be the first case through the digital way of the seller, the transaction or follow the regular delivery rules on the process. Low said:n
nn”Peter wants an apartment, and I want more ScotCoin, so we are very happy.We have commissioned a housing valuation report to determine the reasonable price of the apartment in pounds sterling and then converted to Scotcoin “.n
nnMcGowan said:n
nn”It does not cost a lot of money, it is a long-term investment. Because it is not my main house, you need to pay the Scottish government land construction transaction tax (Land Buildings and Transactions Tax), that is, I have to pay 3% or 1,800 pounds To the country “.n
nn”They have to be more user-friendly,” Low said, “they have to be more user-friendly. “n

Encrypted Money Rich: Baroness Secret Secret Luxury Coin Apartment

.article-content-wrap p {margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 18px;}n.article-content-wrap blockquote {npadding: 11px 22px;nmargin: 0 0 22px;nline-height: 28px;nborder-left: 5px solid # ffcd04;}nn

nnnIn the wake of the runaway: Baroness, British Parliament member Michelle Mone and partner, private equity firm Aston Ventures founder Doug Barrowmen will build “Aston Crypto Plaza” in Dubai, a luxury apartment building for encrypted currency holders. Can be used to pay the bitcover, and early buyers can participate in free room raffle.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTwo famous British entrepreneurs will set up a luxury apartment building in Dubai, the purpose is to hold a large number of people who have money to provide housing.n
n”Aston Crypto Plaza” leader is Baroness, underwear designer, British Parliament member Michelle Mone, her partner is well-known business people, private equity firm Aston Ventures founder Doug Barrowmen.n
nMone said the apartment building would consist of 1,133 luxury apartments, covering an area of ​​2.4 million square feet, with a gym and a swimming pool aimed at “stunning block chain community”.n
nThe apartment is certainly not cheap, between about $ 133,000 and $ 379,000, to accept Bitcoin payments, and BitPay is a pay processor.n
nBitPay CEO Stephen Pair said:n
nnThe sale of these properties can be done anywhere in the world in a few minutes, the speed is like sending mail. “n
nnThe baroness said it felt that this was the opportunity for Bitcoin investors to convert their shares into physical assets.n
nMone, who won the 2010 Order of the British Empire, joked that he had had experience with underwear company Ultimo, so he had a wealth of experience. She said with a smile that the 40-storey apartment building was “nothing compared with the G cup.”n
nThese apartments will be pre-sold on the site, and early buyers will be able to participate in the free winners, “at least 50 apartments will be sold.”n