UPS is making a accept bitcoin locker

UPS is making a accept bitcoin locker


The latest patent documents show that the global shipping giant UPS is considering trading items to accept bitcoin teller service.

According to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an application released Thursday, UPS is focused on a can use digital payment locker system. In addition to the traditional payment system, patent documents will bitcoin as may be used to pay money.

The document outlines a cabinet system, where a transaction or the sale of goods people can put it in the cupboard, let buyers pick up at a convenient time. If the two sides have rented lockers, some of these lockers may be configured to accept payment.

Overview of documents submitted by the different methods of payment for the tenants can lockers, specifically as follows:

In an exemplary embodiment, lockers may include a point of sale (POS) system for receiving the user’s payment: (1) cash transactions; (2) credit card or debit card transactions; (3) certificate; (4) electronic payment, such as the GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal, bitcoin payment (5); and / or any other appropriate payment.”

This patent application later mentioned bitcoin, which is a way of offering refunds for customers, including credit cards and other traditional methods of payment.

The application is bitcoin for payment may be listed in the latest patent case. Although this does not mean that the company is fully accept the encryption currency, but as an option, highlighting it as a medium of exchange of digital image.

In 2017, more than 20 patent documents mentioned in the United States Patent and Trademark Office released in bitcoin is a possible payment system. Although this figure is a slight decline in 2016, but it reflects the ideas published in the past two years the number of patent applications 50.

The State Council issued a document to support technological innovation start-ups to further stabilize the bitcoin Market

The State Council issued a document to support technological innovation start-ups to further stabilize the bitcoin Market

According to media reports, the recent bitcoin prices skyrocketing, or alarming, bitcoin review from 2009 release date price fluctuation is great. Since bitcoin login Chinese since, although the government cannot interfere with bitcoin issue, but the national policy will have a certain impact on bitcoin prices. Compared with the world’s attitude is not immutable and frozen in the bitcoin bitcoin development in. We will compare the world view of bitcoin as follows, for reference only.

In March 11, 2014, the State Council issued a document China requirements of various departments and local government support for technological innovation and startups, and encourage people to self entrepreneurship. The main consideration to the success of enterprises to encourage the development of similar to the Alibaba.

The State Council officially issued a statement: “encourage innovation and development and build a new impetus for economic development”.

The government said it would encourage innovation in support of enterprise development, to provide certain support resources, including financial and technical support. To encourage students to entrepreneurship and technology talents.

In March 11, 2014, the State Council issued a document China requirements of various departments and local government support for technological innovation and startups

China proposed by the government to promote the development of the Internet industry in the 2014 statement, which will promote Chinese bitcoin market development to a certain extent, according to media reports, the government is trying to draw some venture capital start-ups, the support project for key.

People in employment, China government move will undoubtedly promote the steady development of the bitcoin market, build a relatively stable trading platform for the transaction, the market atmosphere is more stable.

Since the 2013 China government issued regulations prohibit financial institutions add bitcoin payment transactions, bitcoin market has been at a low ebb but relative development platform the statement issued by the government for the bitcoin ecosystem to promote.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission “unlikely” will approve bitcoin trading fund?

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission “unlikely” will approve bitcoin trading fund?


A lawyer to help make the first bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve such a request at any time in the near future, but this is indeed doubtful.

Before Gemini DavidBrill’s general counsel may reduce a lot of criticism, because of his old employer to obtain a deadline in March 11th approved the experimental product.

Although Brill is quick to point out that he is bitcoin ETF to create “supporters”, and support bitcoin regulation more broadly, but this prediction and good sign is not successful.

In an interview with the CoinDesk, Brill explained that he thinks the government influence factors Chinese bitcoin price is unlikely to make bitcoin approved.



Brill said:

“All the reasons, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is unlikely to want to promote a major transaction in a may not follow the anti money laundering Standards Exchange finished product.”

Brill in 2003 to 2010 in ThompsonFinancial (then bought Reuters), is a 20 year experience in lawyer occupation.

Before leaving the Gemini last year, Brill is the general counsel of the New York stock exchange, when he said he helped create the exchange of legal infrastructure, and the S1 revision of the document to give some response.

According to the CoinDesk block chain third quarter status report, although Brill believes bitcoin ETF will eventually appear in the large stock exchange, but he said the SEC is unlikely to do so, because all of the bitcoin transactions, there is 95% in the China.

He said, adding the government recently hit Chinese encryption currency transactions and anti money laundering practices, it is more likely to approve.

Brill said:

More importantly, the vast majority of transactions are completed in the United States, but in a rules and regulations and the rules of inconsistencies completed.”

Bitcoin bank?

Later today, the Brill program in the U.S. state of Florida Lawyers Association (ABA) said derivatives and futures legal committee meeting.

He is going to at the committee meeting detailing his concerns about the future of bitcoin ETF, and the potential impact of the Comptroller of the currency of the federal financial technology charter plan, these plans may eventually give some bitcoin company to give the bank identity.

Brill said, in addition to have concerns about the approval of bitcoin ETF, said on the articles of Association for all meet the requirements of the bitcoin exchange, but he is still skeptical.

He said:

“I want to say the final charter will bitcoin company publicly, but now, the real differences between charter, scope and state some Democratic senators and OCC have some real problems to be solved.”

Specifically, Brill pointed out the individual state of opposition, some claim that OCC is ultra vires, even the ultimate goal is to make America more competitive than other countries.

Earlier this week, the director of the New York Financial Services Authority MariaVullo a written submission to the OCC, against the proposed financial technology company National Bank charter.


Vullo wrote:

“OCC should not take the technological progress as an excuse, attempting to breach the regulation of financial activities in science and technology of national law, all of these activities and the relevant banks and lending, deposit and non deposit activity.”

According to AmericanBanker reports, in addition, on the day before, Senator SherrodBrown (D-Ohio) and JeffMerkley (D-Ore) wrote a similar letter, in opposition to the Charter, they think this will make the “predatory financial service providers” breeding.

Change is coming

In DonaldTrump as president shortly before the inauguration, Brill said he in the future bitcoin’s future environment of cautious optimism.

From local business point of view, he predicted that Trump would take to support bitcoin position.

However, considering that the Trump policy is expected after the “trade war” concerns, Brill said, the dominant position of bitcoin transactions in the country may become an obstacle.

In today’s ABA speech, Brill said he plans to discuss a greater tendency for bitcoin startups to create a more rich regulatory environment.

He concluded:

“I want to try to see what method can make bitcoin companies easier to extend to the United States, because now, this is very difficult, because each country has different needs.”

Japan issued a document, cancel next year bitcoin consumption tax

Japan issued a document, cancel next year bitcoin consumption tax

Currently in Japan, buy bitcoins to pay 8% of the consumption tax. Yesterday, jointly issued the Liberal Democratic Party and the Civic Party tax reform outline shows that Japan will cancel the 8% consumption tax in July next year.

Japan’s Ministry of Finance and the financial department has held a meeting on October, the abolition of bitcoin consumption tax proposals. And yesterday, Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the release of the proposed tax reform outline is the further explanation. However, the document will still have to undergo a final review of senior government officials.

At present, the consumption tax still exists. But as long as the cabinet by the tax reform program, the development of industry in Japan next year cryptocurrencies will be very quickly. According to local media “Nikkei news” reported that the document represents the final opinion of government stakeholders.

Japan bitcoin startups optimistic about this policy.

Exchange service Quoine CEO MikeKayamori said, the government plans to abolish the consumption tax in the expectation of “crypto currency community is a good sign”.

This policy to reduce the burden of our. Customers will not give each transaction tax. I hope this policy can become an industry standard.

This year, Japan bitcoin exchange is very busy, because the government requires domestic involving the sale of bitcoin company registration information.

The Japanese government supervision on the exchange at the end of 2015, but the discussion early in the MtGox bankruptcy has already begun. The bitcoin exchange closed in early 2014, resulting in the loss of customers millions of dollars of funds.

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