Trump appointed bitcoin supporters as the budget director

Trump appointed bitcoin supporters as the budget director

Conservative Republican Senator Mick mulvany? (MickMulvaney) from the United States Laizhou, South Carolina, is a loyal bitcoin enthusiasts. Recently, President elect Trump announced that Mulvaney is responsible for the operation of the office of management and budget (OMB).

Trump said:

OMB Mick, my management team can make the right decision on the US budget, given the federal government’s new responsibilities, and rebuild the confidence of taxpayers!

Mulvaney bitcoin interest began in April 2014, when he publicly expressed in facebook:

Just in a small and medium sized enterprises board, first contact with bitcoin. I know bitcoin has not become the mainstream, or may not become a mainstream concept — but this money is very interesting, it may ultimately affect the dollar and US monetary policy. The meeting also put the concept and Milton bitcoin? (Freedman MiltonFriedman, currency school is one of the representatives of the contribution).

Mulvaney is the first member of Parliament to accept bitcoin donations in the United states. According to the non-profit bitcoin research and promotion center of CoinCenter revealed that he had in October last year questioned the Federal Reserve (FederalReserve) chairman Janet Yellen (JanetYellen)?:

And the popularity of bitcoin is higher, it proves that the public attitude to the Fed’s monetary policy.

In addition, in September this year, Mulvaney and another from Colorado Democratic congressman Jared? Indianapolis (JaredPolis) hosted a bipartisan blockchain caucus. Mulvaney said:

Block chain technology has the potential to reform the financial services sector, the U.S. economy and government services. To participate in this event, I feel very proud.

According to the “mother Jones” reports, Mulvaney believes that the Fed is “the culprit leading to the depreciation of the dollar, inhibition of economic development”. And he said, bitcoin is “not controlled by any government organization”.

This is another sign of the Trump Administration recently bitcoin woo. Last month, Bitpay investors, bitcoin supporters of Peter? (PeterThiel) announced that Theil served as the Trump transition team consultant; Trump also named Stephen, the founder of BreitbartNews (StephenBannon)? Bannon as its chief strategy officer and senior adviser, and Bannon just is a good bitcoiner.

Mike? Nino Ibrahimovic (MikeCernovich) is a passionate supporter of Trump, another of his identity is bitcoin users. He said:

Freedom is a concept, but bitcoin is free. The son of Trump holds bitcoin, which is not surprising.

The seven world center, New York and California are regarded as the most stringent regulatory environment for digital currency area. The Obama administration asked the IRS (IRS) of Double Taxation on the field of digital currency. Financial technology company to interstate operations, the need to comply with the bank’s operating conditions, of course, also including the notorious repute of BitLicense. In the Trump administration, this situation seems to be eased. As in Britain, the United States would adopt the sandbox mechanism, may abolish the double tax, or the establishment of scientific research fund to encourage financial innovation.

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The United States congressman Stockman to submit a bill to Congress, the statement bitcoin currency rather than property

The United States congressman Stockman to submit a bill to Congress, the statement bitcoin currency rather than property

Texas thirty-sixth District congressman Steve Stockman is very optimistic about the digital currency, began to accept bitcoin donations to his Senate campaign at the end of last year.

Last night in New York bitcoin center, Stockman proposed a bill he proposed at the 113rd Congress (second session) to take virtual currency as the theme. 

Entitled “change virtual currency tax status, make it from the property for money”, the bill (officially called virtual currency Tax Reform Act) to change the IRS and other U.S. authorities to view virtual currency.

As you remember, the IRS recently issued guidelines on virtual currency, called the property rather than money, and this problem for many users, mainly because according to the rules, users must keep track of all of their transactions, and to calculate the gains and losses at the end of each case.

“We to congressman Stockman support digital currency tribute” New York bitcoin founder Nick Spanos said.


Reuters: Large charities want to use block chains to reduce losses and track financial donations

nnnThe United States Start Network and the start-up company Disberse work together to test the block chain technology to reduce the loss of donations in bank charges, exchange rates, currency price fluctuations and other factors, to improve the efficiency of the use of funds and the use of resources, Rate, track the use of funds. At present, the British charity’s Positive Women has completed the Swaziland Student Education Project Donation Test through the Disberse platform, using the savings of the block chain to provide an additional one year for three students.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nDigital financial instruments “block chains” are used in the humanitarian sector to ensure that each sub-contribution is spent on the target project rather than being wasted in the process.n
nOxford, Oxford, Care International and Save the Children, the UK’s Start Network and the start-up company, Disberse, are using block-chain technology.n
n”This exciting collaboration will lead to changes in the way money flows in the humanitarian system,” said Sean Lowrie, director of Start Network.n
nn”It can catalyze new ways of working, transparent, quick, and responsible to taxpayers and those who are in crisis.”n
nnThe block chain is the beginning of the virtual currency bitcoil underlying system, which is the shared transaction record maintained by the computer network, without the need for centralization.n
nIt has become an important technology for public and private sectors because it can record and track assets or transactions and does not require intermediaries.n
nStart Network said the new Disberse platform will use block-chain technology to bank charges, exchange rates, currency fluctuations and other factors to minimize the waste of funds.n
nFraud is a major problem in the international aid system. Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, said 30% of United Nations development assistance losses were corrupt.n
nBecause block chains automatically record transactions on secure books, donors can easily track funds and reduce risk of abuse.n
nBritish charity Positive Women has used the Disberse platform to complete pilot projects to reduce remittance costs for Swaziland education programs.n
nDonations from the UK to the four Swaziland schools through local aid agencies, using the Disberse platform to save money to give Positive Woman an additional three-year student fee.n
nPositive Women Director Sarah Llewellyn said:n
nn”We generally use bank transfer, but now more and more expensive and inefficient.Using Disberse let us save 2.5% of the cost, you can subsidize three students a year of education costs.”n
nnThe next six months, the block chain technology application cooperation will be expanded to Start Network existing projects in a series of funds.n

“No investment”: Internet Archive indicates the reason for holding a bit currency

.article-content-wrap p {margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 18px;}n.article-content-wrap blockquote {npadding: 11px 22px;nmargin: 0 0 22px;nline-height: 28px;nborder-left: 5px solid # ffcd04;}nn

nnnTrap: Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library dedicated to providing “open access to all knowledge”. The organization has been receiving royal donations since 2012, but it has not immediately redeemed its royal currency for money, but has tried to find ways to use them. Recently, Internet Archive in a blog post publicly stated why it accepted and held the reason why it received donations. At the same time, the organization said that this is not an investment, but in an open way to test technology.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe Nonprofit Digital Library, which is dedicated to providing “open access to all knowledge”, explains why it accepts and holds not paying for the donations it receives.n
nIn a recent blog post, the organization made it clear that it incorporated the encrypted currency into the balance sheet (and other donations, including zcash), “a fresh organization that is experimenting with this innovative Internet technology Examples. “n
nBowen wrote:n
nn”Internet Archive has studied the way that Bitcoin and other Internet innovations can help in the nonprofit sector – which is part of what we want to know how to use donated bits of money in addition to clearing out. To do these studies in public, so that other organizations can learn from our lessons, and that’s interesting. “n
nnAs a nonprofit organization, Internet Archive has been receiving royal currency contributions since 2012 and has been providing digital assets to its employees as a pay option since 2013. Internet businesses around the Office of the Internet Archive are also encouraged to accept the currency – and some success.n
nHowever, the Internet Archive did not immediately convert the royal currency to its currency, but instead sought to use the donations.n
nThe organization says, “What we’re doing is trying to ‘do things’ and try to understand how Bitcoin works for a nonprofit organization, which is not an investment for us, but an open way to test the technology “n