Arizona promoting bitcoin payment bill

Arizona promoting bitcoin payment bill

Advance a legislative proposal of Arizona state legislator, may allow a resident of the state with bitcoin payment tax.

The media reported earlier this month, the Arizona legislature received legislative proposals, if approved, the taxpayer can use tax payment in bitcoin or other encryption currency. Bill dated January 9th.

Display the contents of the bill:

“Upon receipt of tax, the IRS will be in accordance with the mainstream exchange rate within 24 hours, the encrypted currency into dollars. And after the exchange of dollars in taxpayer accounts”.

Public records show that last week the Arizona Senate Finance Committee has to 4-3 through the move. The bill was in the Senate rules committee approval stage, but the finance committee will increase the possibility of bill endorsement.

The conversation with the local media in ABC15, a state senator, Bill drafting WarrenPetersen, and feedback from voters act requirements.

“Since I started working, I was surprised by the number of encryption currency holders more, than you might guess”.

The European Central Bank needs to pass legislation to control bitcoin

The European Central Bank needs to pass legislation to control bitcoin


Beijing 2, Bloomberg News reported, according to the OberoesterreichischeNachrichten newspaper, the European Central Bank Committee member EwaldNowotny said, how to deal with such as bitcoin encryption currency changed his mind, he now thinks the risk of money laundering through legal means processing.

At the same time as Austria’s governor Nowotny said in an interview with the newspaper, bitcoin is created is not transparent, and very suitable for money laundering, “for a long time, I always think that bitcoin investment should be a private problem. But I think we need to have the relevant laws and regulations”

Central banks are studying how to block chain technology application in the payment system, but is based on the basis of legal tender.

Mark Cuban: next season Dallas Mavericks will accept bitcoin currency and Ethernet

Mark Cuban: next season Dallas Mavericks will accept bitcoin currency and Ethernet

Dallas Ranger team (DallasMavericks), is the original Dallas mavericks.

The team’s owner and investor MarkCuban in January 16th tweets that next season, the American basketball team DallasMavericks will accept encrypted currency payment.

Earlier on twitter Cuban asked whether they can accept encrypted currency payment tickets, his answer is, “next season”.

In the following review, Cuban confirmed the news, said the team will accept bitcoin and etheric coins, as well as possible other currencies”.

“We will be adding a crypto currency payment function next season. We will accept bitcoin, etheric coins, may also be some other currency. Also need to determine”.

Cuban is the industry’s supporters, such as encryption of electronic sports company assets investment fund 1confirmation and SharkTank risk in a portfolio of Unikrn, the amount of ICO financing recently at $31 million.

Although did not provide details, Cuban said, in addition to the most famous and etheric bitcoin currency, encryption currency payment system Mavericks team may also support other tokens.

“We will consider accepting a traditional business relationship with our company’s tokens, to expand our customer base”.

Cuban itself is a crypto currency field celebrity, in addition to the investment of encryption currency hedge fund, in ICO, in August 2017 initiated the establishment of the etheric Fang encryption currency based on MercuryProtocol.

But he has also been in the encryption currency and the blockchain wavered on the question of June 2017, said the world’s largest encryption currency is the “bubble” in August, but said the currency and encryption block chain is the future trend.

Moreover, Cuban also own “how to get rich” video, that will own 10% of the life savings investment bitcoin.

“If you are a true adventurer, you really want to then you can throw the helve after the hatchet, 10% of the assets in bitcoin and etheric fang”.

In fact, this is not the first to accept the encryption currency payment team, as early as 2014, the Sacramento kings tickets and promotional merchandise have been paid to accept bitcoin.

Although the money market is in a difficult period of encryption, Cuban, Thiel and Zuckerberg that billionaires recognized bitcoin can indicate potential future growth potential.

Online entertainment giant Calvin Ayre opened a new career: bitcoin cash.

Online entertainment giant Calvin Ayre opened a new career: bitcoin cash.

Online entertainment giant CalvinAyre announced yesterday that his next business venture is crypto currency mining business. Ayre said that his mining facilities will only mining bitcoin cash (BCH).

The billionaire CalvinAyre is famous for creating Bodog entertainment brand. He recently with enthusiasm into the encryption currency especially bitcoin cash business, he was appointed to the Antigua and Barbuda area technology development economic envoy. The local government communications department official explained: “in the government the effective implementation of high-tech encryption currency related, CalvinAyre will make recommendations.”

In January 10th, CalvinAyre revealed that he has invested a lot of money to start mining bitcoin cash business expand new company Coingeek. He believes bitcoin cash is the only “real bitcoin”, his mining facilities will only mining bitcoin cash (BCH). Coingeek operation of the mining facilities will be added to the eight well-known chain bitcoin cash pool.

In this year, many enterprises mining pre announcement, the new company CalvinAyre Coingeek is the first to focus on bitcoin cash (BCH).

What do you think of the new business bitcoin cash mining online entertainment giant CalvinAyre? Please tell us in the comments below.

Nomura analysts believe bitcoin increased Japanese national consumption

Nomura analysts believe bitcoin increased Japanese national consumption

Nomura Research Institute (Nomura) believes that bitcoin is becoming the wealth effect in japan.

The first half of 2017, in fact almost began in the past two years, most of the trading volume in the field of bitcoin China. The leading mining, is the largest and most reputable exchanges are located, many short-term trading and long-term holders of speculation.

Then in the summer, Chinese government banned bitcoin. Close the exchange, traders and investors looking for another family of encryption assets.

Japan is the best alternative locations, thus become the first of the market economy.

Please see below:


The right shows that in November 2017, the yen trading dominates the global bitcoin trading volume 40%. Six months ago, is also in April, the yen accounted for less than 30%, while the dollar trading at 35% leading.

What is the significance of these?

Because these Nomura analysts see the yen trading volume of bitcoin, and presumably become wealth effect in japan.

Can be inferred as follows:

Analysts believe that the 10 billion yen wealth growth makes personal consumption rose 200 million to 400 million yen. Now with many trading volume from Chinese transferred to Japan by the fact that this growth is in the value of assets recorded the highest historical background.

Based on these ideas, it is natural that coins (personal holdings over the past six months and currency price rise) richer.

wealth effect

The standard theory of classical economics describes the wealth effect of the above, pointed out that the more a person feel rich, consumption more. But this is not limited to current assets. When prices rise, people will feel richer, and more consumption, even if their bank accounts in disposable income has not changed.

This is also the basis of Japan’s Nomura believes bitcoin wealth effect caused by.

The results are as expected is not clear, some people think that the encryption currency volatility we see may dilute the wealth effect to a certain extent.

Singapore court rejected the $43 million worth of bitcoin disputes

Singapore court rejected the $43 million worth of bitcoin disputes


Documents show, Singapore International Commercial Court ruled today dismissed the plaintiff’s attempt to recovery of 3092 coins from an encrypted currency exchange procedure.

This is the first case submitted by the British B2C2 company in April this year, with the Singapore Quoine encryption currency exchange negotiations, involving a large number of bitcoins caused people’s attention. According to the bitcoin price index data show CoinDesk, then 3092 bitcoin worth $3 million 700 thousand at present value soared to $43 million.

According to court documents, the judge ruled in favor of Quoine SimonThorley, because B2C2 deliberately on the platform with a problem, while the Quoine terms retained the rights of revocation of such transactions.

As CoinDesk reported, B2C2 managed to capture Quoine in April, the so-called “technical failure”, and 3092 of a bitcoin sold 309 Ethernet, creating a profit of $3 million 700 thousand. However, according to CoinDeskBPI data, then bitcoin price of $1226, compared to about 25 times higher than the Ethernet token.

Quoine soon revoked the transaction, did not inform B2C2, citing the company’s violation of the fairness of the market, then causes the B2C2 to recover 3092 bitcoin litigation.

According to court documents, Thorley judges that the plaintiff must know all the price of the price and time has been seeking the transaction is completely inconsistent (all prices are low 250 times).”

B2C2 and Quoine have yet to respond to requests for comment.

Travel to the United States food giant Landry or will accept bitcoin payment

Travel to the United States food giant Landry or will accept bitcoin payment


Recently, the founder of TilmanFertitta Landry, said in an interview with CNBC, the rise of the Internet bubble and the encryption currency are similar, but he pointed out that bitcoin is real, and will continue to exist.

TilmanFertitta said that in the near future, his company will accept bitcoin.

It is understood that Landry company is an American tourist catering industry giant, has more than 500 stores in 35 states in September this year, TilmanFertitta and NBA Rockets owner agreed to $22 acquisition of the rockets.

115 dollars to buy Lamborghini? Bitcoin make your dreams come true!

115 dollars to buy Lamborghini? Bitcoin make your dreams come true!

Peter Sasddington (PeterSaddington) is the co-founder of a company called VINWIN, his personal experience, through the use of cryptographic currencies, such as bitcoin, you can buy unbelievable valuables like Lamborghini.

Sasddington tells him how to investment from November 2011 bitcoin to buy luxury car experience in a October interview.

Sasddington made his first investment in the bitcoin price of $2.52. He is honest, he was almost killed by investment is a blind cat mouse, did not know this thing really can make money.

“I don’t believe in 2011 actually bitcoin can earn a lot of money for me, I hadn’t thought about. This is a risky proposition, I was more than I had planned the actual investment investment. “He said.

Now, his investment was finally rewarded, and very rich. Bitcoin is now worth more than $16000, Sardinia meal realized that he can finally achieve his dream to buy a super sports car.

Many users do not approve of Sardinia meal encryption currency to buy Lamborghini, because bitcoin prices continued to rise, and is likely to continue for many years, until more than $100 thousand.

His wife also strongly opposed by buying a car, whether it is real money or bitcoins, she think Lamborghini is too off. Then, he bought a Audi car. Of course, after that, the money spent.

One day later, at VINWIN, Sardinia meal colleagues drove his own Lamborghini to work. Sardinia put his son on a car at the driver’s seat on the play, and soon his son hooked on the car.

Sasddington’s wife saw their son holding a steering wheel like super happy, the idea has changed. Finally, they finally settled in 2011 with a $115 investment bitcoin for a Lamborghini.

Sardinia Dayton admits, because bitcoin prices continued exponential growth, the future of bitcoin prices may reach $20 million.

“But sometimes you have to reward yourself.” He said.

In a subsequent interview in November, Lamborghini has admitted Sardinia meal let him spend about $4000 every day, but he said he and his family are enjoying every moment.

“I love it very much, my wife and I have been driving it. We have been driving in our children to go to school, I certainly not to mention, each with a oil I smile.” He said.

In a second interview, Sardinia Dayton recalled a year ago he saw for the first time in the car parked outside the shop. But he never thought, after a year, because of the small traffic accident happened before a Humvee, he can finally buy the same car at a cheaper price.

The photo shows the damage to the car bumper and scratched the passenger door.

Now bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, Sardinia meal that he expects to receive more criticism, he told him about the purchase of the super sports car with bitcoin is a bad decision.

When a car he bought the news off the network, a lot of people and he discussed about bitcoin, Sardinia meal is also part of the people to accept the view.

“So, the fun is not driving a sports car, and communicate with those of the real new technology called bitcoin interested people there. Bitcoin is one of the most powerful and Lamborghini began talking about this emerging technology the best marketing tool. In my opinion, this will change the world.” He said.

This is good news for the Dayton sardinia. But in other parts of the world, bitcoin and other encryption currency is prohibited. Indonesia, India and Vietnam and other countries to take a tough stance on the currency. However, things are good, such as Japan is still the key factor of the rising value of encryption currency.

The South Korean government bitcoin transactions take new restrictions

The South Korean government bitcoin transactions take new restrictions


The South Korean government is considering a series of policy options to limit what it called the “overheated virtual currency speculation, including capital gains tax for traders.

Reuters first reported that the South Korean government policy coordination office (OfficeforGovernmentPolicyCoordination) released the December 13th statement, the Ministry of Justice (MinistryofJustice), the Financial Services Commission (FinancialServicesCommission), Korea Communications Commission (KoreaCommunicationsCommission), (FairTradeCommission), even bargain Committee of the Ministry of information and communication (MinistryofInformationandCommunication) to propose possible policies and measures of domestic encryption currency market, waiting for legislative approval.

This perhaps is not surprising, because of the huge volume of transactions in South Korea, Bithumb is one of the world’s largest single day trading volume of the stock exchange, here last month bitcoin transaction price first exceeded $10000.

Traders’ options include capital gains tax and banned foreign traders. Taxation is still unknown, the statement pointed out the private sector will solicit opinions and reference to other government measures, such as the IRS (InternalRevenueService) bitcoin assets tax levy.

If the measures, South Korea will be encrypted currency exchange network security audit, especially data theft and loss. But the daily trading volume of more than 10 billion won ($9 million 200 thousand) a day, the number of users more than million exchanges need to apply for the Korea Information Security Agency (KoreaInformationSecurityAgency) approved.

Government is also considering whether to ban ICO, which could strengthen the autumn of this year the Financial Services Commission (FinancialServicesCommission) to block chain financing ban. The statement also said the ban may include involving digital currency multilevel marketing.

The other measures discussed include combating illegal industrial land for bitcoin mining, miners get banned exchange account.

The official said, the government does not want the obstacles to block chain development, but restrictions on trading activities.

Class, we will continue to correct the adverse effects of virtual currency speculation, but we will adopt a balanced policy, to ensure that government measures will not hinder the blockchain technology development”.

Goldman bitcoin: bitcoin name and gold difference.

Goldman bitcoin: bitcoin name and gold difference.

Goldman Sachs Global Commodity Research Director JeffCurrie said that bitcoin is a commodity has many similarities with gold, caused mainly due to fluctuations in investor concern is its lack of liquidity.

Currie in an interview with Bloomberg Television Interview, said: “I do not understand why there is so much hostility.” Bitcoin and gold and there is no difference “too much, because it is not by definition given by the responsibility to pay.

This encryption currency soared this year nearly 11 times, reaching $11000, while gold rose about 12% over the same period. Investors for bitcoin attitude is quite distinct from each other, such as Warren Buffett called “a true bubble”, while the billionaire venture capitalist PeterThiel that critics underestimate it. Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz said, “bitcoin success just because of its potential to avoid, lack of supervision, should be banned.

Currie said that most people do not think that bitcoin trading of the currency and gold are interchangeable, and that there is an important difference between the two.

“You can see that the ground gold total reserves of $8 trillion and 300 billion – this is the real liquidity,” he said, “the central bank controls the supply of a large amount of gold, so gold and bitcoin can not completely replace.”

Wednesday bitcoin beyond $11000 after touching $10000 milepost just a few hours. Because the buyer did not bother about the maximum number of money is an asset bubble warning.

“The lack of liquidity is the cause of this wave and everyone concerned about the cause of bitcoin,” Currie said, “in view of gold liquidity level and the size of the market, it will never be like bitcoin volatility.”

Currie said bitcoin “and many other commodities have similar properties”, “real innovation is the ledger, block chain, rather than bitcoin itself”.