The government of India to strengthen the encryption currency payment review

The government of India to strengthen the encryption currency payment review

India, a senior Treasury official said the illegal status encryption currency paid government is determined step by step.

December 2017 news reports, India law enforcement agencies in the investigation of money laundering, and digital currency market fraud and tax evasion. Now the domestic Department confirmed also for the near future encrypted currency trading regulatory provision is drafted.

In an interview with CNBCTV18, India’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (IndianEconomicAffairs) secretary S.C.Garg said that the government is the Preparatory Committee, the drafting of encryption currency report is expected to publish the end of the fiscal year.

“The government will step by step to establish its illegal payment system status”.

The officials continued to suggest future regulatory direction is monetary assets transaction and encryption encryption.

Garg said the leadership committee:

“We hope that in the fiscal year the committee may ultimately determine its recommendations, of course, regulators will participate in”.

The government announced in the budget, India’s finance minister ArunJaitley told parliament that the government will be on the illegal transactions using encryption currency zero tolerance policy.

Interestingly, Jaitley’s speech caused agitation in misunderstanding he will India bitcoin community, that the government is trying to ban encryption currency. His speech on television, bitcoin prices fell, but quickly rebounded.

The money is used for encryption of terrorism and smuggling has over the years is the topic, and the market itself may have been there for a long time. But there is no clear evidence of the connection of the two, in addition to the use of bitcoin as drugs and arms trading main payment tool of the Silk Road scandal. In spite of the fact that, but must pay attention to the encryption currency, including bitcoin, have found some legitimate purposes.

It is clear that India does not want to accept the encryption currency is another means of payment, but as a new asset class to be regulated. This has happened in the past, such as the United States government. After all, legal tender allow encryption currency payment will allow people to completely avoid the national issue.

Although bitcoin white paper showed that the purpose of it is to replace cash. But each country seems to be only willing to use it as a digital value, similar to gold. Precious metals do not become legal tender.

Encryption monetary exchange of India’s most popular one of the Zebpay released a blog about the incident, said the results are very positive, the exchange will actively comply with the blockchain and encryption currency Committee (BlockchainandCryptocurrencyCommittee) any regulations formulated.

Bitcoin far more than the market value of Visa

Bitcoin far more than the market value of Visa


Recently, bitcoin news value continued to occupy the headlines layout, its price in the past few weeks rose sharply. The digital currency price for the first time exceeded $10000 mark, and in a few days after hitting a record high of $15000. As of now, the price has exceeded $18000, is expected in the next few days will continue to rise.

More and more people want from soaring bitcoin share, so the digital currency market expansion to an all-time high, even more than the market value of Visa. At the time of writing, Visa market capitalization of $252 billion 740 million, against bitcoin be cast into the shade of the $303 billion market capitalization. Compared with the same time a week ago, this figure rose nearly 73%. For many experts ridiculed as “bubble” and “fraud” bitcoin, these numbers seem to be bad, right?

PensionPartners CharlieBilello research director at Twitter today announced the news: “bitcoin market capitalization of just over Visa.”

Yes, Visa is the world’s largest electronic payment processor.

Perhaps the bitcoin market capitalization of Visa behind to catch up, but the number of transactions, Visa trading volume per day more than 150 million times, and the bitcoin daily trading volume of less than 500 thousand times.

The miners agreed to let New York consensus bitcoin war

The miners agreed to let New York consensus bitcoin war


Under the joint efforts of domestic and international community including the miners, mine pool, developers, and SW2X in a step by step toward the successful path, according to segwit2x (SW2X) group news, as of now, antpool, bitclub, Bixin,, bitfury,, BTCC,, BW, Waterhole, Viabtc, batpool has begun a formal vote on bit4, support the New York consensus, support is accounted for more than 80% of the whole network is.

In July 19th, the SW2X team again released a 1.14.4 version, 1.14.3 version released this version and 17 days before the difference is very small. No changes in consensus layer, only including clean code, test and the opening of the new DNSSeed, which is in the segwit2x plan, will be fully operational in July 21st. It is expected that the next version will be released in July 21.

Including the miners, with a sense of community members are also in the expression of the New York consensus around rush about telling the news around spreading, supported by their own practical action. Wright currency global table forum Secretary General PZ is called on everyone to put aside their differences and work together, don’t drop the ball and sabotage at the critical moment, to ensure the smooth upgrade of bitcoin. At the same time, the community has a strong voice against a split, called for a boycott of those who refuse to upgrade mine pool.

In the community, the upgrade has become mainstream, the community was divided will condemn split BIP bitcoin acts in the community is bound to fail not enjoy popular support. An attempt by this split bitcoin block chain, split bitcoin acts to hinder the smooth implementation of the plan of the New York consensus SW2X plot will fail.

In the case of It is all up with mine pool, look forward to, individual developers don’t drop the ball, in the crucial moment of sabotage, hinder the implementation of bitcoin upgrade hinder New York consensus. The Core team history tells us that treachery will have been abandoned as bitcoin community, the dust of history. Only respect for the community consensus, stick to their promise, serious to implement will be recognized by the community.

Affected by bitcoin may split, bitcoin prices have continued to decline, fell below 13000 yuan mark, but accounted for 12 in the continuous catalytic pool is more than 80% of the whole network has begun a formal vote in support of the New York consensus and other good news, bitcoin prices exceeded 17000 mark in July 19th, bitcoin Market began to reverse. In the bitcoin market under the other currency is a copycat road stride forward singing militant songs.

Once in July 31st, more than 80% more than the whole network is mine pool all locked SW2X, for three years the expansion of the dispute will be declared a complete end, bitcoin will usher in a new spring, the largest in the history of the currency change bit will also occur in this year. Once the New York consensus SW2X failed, bitcoin is likely to split into a situation, bitcoin’s future will be more uncertain.

Bitcoin Division will also have a deadly threat to the entire digital currency bitcoin industry, as a barometer of the digital currency industry, every act and every move will have a far-reaching impact on the digital currency industry, once the bitcoin split, bitcoin prices will fall, collapse of bitcoin prices may cause other digital currency collapse or collapse and the digital currency industry will enter a new, long winter. Once the bitcoin smooth upgrade, bitcoin prices will hit a record high, bitcoin digital currency will bring the whole industry to a new bull market.

SEC bitcoin ETF approval decision will be released soon, how to deal with the traders

SEC bitcoin ETF approval decision will be released soon, how to deal with the traders



The global bitcoin traders this week for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the final bitcoin ETF held their breath.

Expected SEC will make a decision before this Friday. Specifically, SEC is considering BATS global markets third major U.S. exchanges (BATSGlobalMarket) proposed new rules, these rules will be on the line for the Winkelvoss brothers bitcoin ETF pave the way.

At the same time, traders are in all likelihood in preparation for the forthcoming. According to some traders said, no matter what the SEC decision is that they must be prepared for the currency price fluctuations.

Bitcoin leveraged trading platform Magnr co-founder JoeLee said:

“ETF is expected results when there will be price fluctuations of the currency and frequent trading activities.”

Investors entrepreneurs VinnyLingham said, there is no hint of any decision about SEC. However, the volatility of the currency price is certain. Therefore, market participants are in this situation actively.

“Once a decision is announced, volatility will immediately re swept.”


Lingham is certainly not the only one to see people.

Founder CryptoCompare CharlesHayter also believes that the trading volume will rise.

“We think the currency price volatility will increase, the market trading volume will rise.”

Magnr Lee also think so. He said that they are employees of trading platform to prepare for a variety of effects, ETF will bring the specific, is the staff need to solve quasi potential problems caused by the trading volume rose.

“Most of the business as usual, but we increase manpower to ensure the smooth implementation of the transaction.” He said. “We will pay close attention to all kinds of situation, to ensure that our customers smooth transactions.”

Many market analysts argue that traders have ETF will be passed, especially the recent currency price soared to nearly $1300. After the currency price increases, many people warned that if the negation of SEC bitcoin ETF, currency price is likely to immediately dive.

For the worst?

Although many traders that had expected currency price will fluctuate, but some of them said, if the SEC decision after the announcement of currency prices diving, also have their own special response plan.

At least one trader that he was ready for the worst.

CryptoAssetManagement President TimEnneking said that his team will respond according to the situation:

“If SEC rejected the bitcoin ETF application, and caused the currency price drop, we will choose to temporarily short, and may even be selling all coin.”

However, encryption monetary fund manager JacobEliosoff has a different view, and hinted that he will look for opportunities in currency prices fell in every possible.

“I waited while a chance to buy a large amount of crash — I don’t think the coin price has been hovering around $one thousand.” Eliosoff said.

The most popular Trump assets – bitcoin?

The most popular Trump assets – bitcoin?

In May this year, the British company JuniperResearch in a research report pointed out that if Trump eventually was elected president of the United States, then bitcoin prices will rise. This Tuesday, Trump victory in the US presidential election, bitcoin prices rose sharply as expected. Since Tuesday evening, bitcoin prices rose nearly 3%, maintained at around $725.

JuniperResearch analyst WinslowHolden said, “if Trump is elected president, then the global market is expected to usher in turmoil. Bitcoin prices will usher in a rose.”

Bitcoin in the fall in the rising trend, not only because of the U.S. presidential election. Last month bitcoin prices rose by 19% over the past three months, rose 23% in 2016 rose 68%. But in the next few days, even in the next few months, Trump after winning the uncertainty may promote bitcoin prices rise further.

Investors will bitcoin as a safe haven asset, a mainstream market closely related assets. Gold also has the same effect. So, after Trump was elected president of the United States, the price of gold on the red line of 1320 U.S. dollars / ounce, although after the Wednesday morning down to the current $1275 / ounce.

Bitcoin active in October mainly because of rising demand for China. Because of the continuous depreciation of the renminbi and the Chinese government began to strengthen capital controls. Bitcoin prices also rose sharply during the last year of the Greek government to shut down its banks.

JuniperResearch said that in June this year, the British withdraw from the EU referendum brought the same effect: “the British withdraw from the EU referendum the thrill of bitcoin prices.”

If Britain withdraw from the EU referendum led to bitcoin prices, so Trump in the US presidential election may also have the same effect. Many people will be compared with the election of Trump and the EU referendum results. Trump once told his supporters that his victory will be enhanced version of the British withdraw from the EU referendum. He even put their dubbed “the British withdraw from the EU referendum mr.”.

Although Trump and bitcoin in some areas may be similar, but the Trump campaign never accept bitcoin donations. According to the exposure of the message is displayed, the Hilary campaign had considered to accept bitcoin donations, but the Hilary campaign manager JohnPodesta think bitcoin is like “liberal Ann Rand game”, eventually gave up to accept bitcoin donations. Senator RandPaul and governor GaryJohnson for only two to accept bitcoin donations for the candidates.

All these are no longer important: Trump won the election, bitcoin benefit. Bitcoin does not require Trump to help him up.

Keywords the U.S. presidential election and the British withdraw from the EU referendum is the same: “uncertainty”. As the JuniperResearch report points out, bitcoin prices in the UK withdraw from the EU referendum began to rise a few weeks ago, after the results clearly fell, but rose sharply after the final results released. People can predict bitcoin in Trump was elected president of the United States after the performance trend.

Hilary? Clinton: the blockchain will lead a new generation of technology revolution

Hilary? Clinton: the blockchain will lead a new generation of technology revolution

The United States presidential candidate Hilllary Clinton (HillaryClinton) recently said publicly on the block chain technology support, encourage the government for public domain.

Clinton is expected in the next few months to get the Democratic presidential nomination, she said during the election campaign, the government should support the development of block chain technology.

We must be placed in the important position of innovators, because they will lead the world to a new generation of future technology revolution. These techniques include unmanned, machine learning, block chain technology etc.. We should protect their innovative ideas.

Clinton said that if she was elected as the Democratic presidential candidate, she will provide some emerging technology start-ups to reduce regulatory barriers.

This election has made the following summary:

Hilary will challenge the authority of the government sector, they are always for the old system to provide legal and regulatory barriers, and Hilary for emerging technology entrepreneurs to come forward.

Clinton is an American political candidate recently first publicly supported block chain related technology.

Last April, the Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul (RandPaul) announced to accept bitcoin as election funds. Subsequently, former Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry (RickPerry) also follow this practice.